Perfect Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms In Nigeria.

25+ Perfect Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms In Nigeria.

We are living in an age where the role of women has extended from the kitchen to society, and if you look around every sphere of endeavors in life you will see women playing very active roles.

This means that gone are the days when women used to be seen as stay-at-home moms whose main responsibility was to look after the children and house while the husband is away somewhere making the money that will foot the bills.

It is also worth noting that as the rate of conceiving outside marriage and divorce keeps increasing in such an astonishing space, there are lots of stay-at-home moms who are the breadwinners for their child or children.

The latter has then caused the rate of seeking job opportunities to increase speedily amongst female folks, and this article will aim to reveal most of those job opportunities for them.

But before I reveal the 25+ perfect jobs for stay-at-home moms, let me, first of all, help you to understand the definition of a stay-at-home mom as well as the difference between them and a housewife.

What is the meaning of a stay-at-home mom?

A stay-at-home mom is basically a female who stays at home to raise her child or children and manage her household. If she is married, she also maintains the responsibility of being a housewife to her spouse.

What is the difference between a stay-at-home mom and a housewife?

The main difference I have spotted between a stay-at-home mom and a housewife is that stay-at-home moms are oftentimes single mothers who maintain the responsibility of raising their child or children by themselves without a father figure.

Ad the challenges faced by these responsibilities are mostly the reason why these kinds of stay-at-home moms often look out for jobs that will enable them to raise money.

On the other hand, stay-at-home moms who are married are often times restricted by their husbands, who are mostly wealthy, from taking on any job so they can focus effectively on playing the role of a housewife and mother.

This, therefore, means that the percentage of single stay-at-home moms outweighs that of married ones.

Is a stay-at-home mom a career?

Yes, being a stay-at-home mom is a career because being a mom is a job in itself since there are so many tasks involved when you are doing so.

25+ perfect jobs for stay-at-home moms in Nigeria.

Perfect jobs for stay-at-home moms in Nigeria are the jobs that will allow a mother to stay at home and make money while raising her child or children and managing her household. This is opposed to office work where she will have to leave the home and work for stipulated hours in a specific place which is sometimes far away from her family.

And I have taken the time in this article to list and explain 25+ jobs that will allow stay-at-home moms enough time to make money at home, and I promise to keep updating the list anytime I come across a job that will be good for stay-at-home moms.

These are the 25+ perfect jobs for stay-at-home moms.

  1. Start and monetize a blog.
  2. Create and sell websites.
  3. Online coaching.
  4. Write and sell screenplays.
  5. Start events rental services.
  6. Become a seamstress.
  7. Design websites for clients.
  8. Become an influencer.
  9. Start copywriting.
  10. Work as a digital content writer.
  11. Open a childcare business.
  12. Start tutoring students online.
  13. Begin a home bakery or cooking business,
  14. Offer healthcare, wellness, fitness, and beauty services.
  15. Become a remote social media manager.
  16. Produce and sell homemade crafts and arts.
  17. Become a freelance editor.
  18. Start digital marketing.
  19. Become a bookkeeper.
  20. Start online trading.
  21. Become a YouTuber.
  22. Take on transcription jobs online.
  23. Make money by watching online promotional videos.
  24. Sell your photos online.
  25. Join online surveys.
  26. Become a virtual assistant.

Start and monetize a blog.

A blog is an updated website that relates information through articles, videos, images, infographics, etc, while monetization is the means of making money from your blog.

When starting a blog as a stay-at-home mom, you must pick a niche that focuses on a niche that aligns with your daily experiences as a mother so you could be able to create original and helpful content without spending too much time on research

Below are some of the niche ideas you can choose from as a stay-at-home mom:

  1. Parenting.
  2. Kids activities.
  3. Managing family finances.
  4. A working mom.
  5. Organizing a home and decor.
  6. Food and recipes.
  7. Beauty and fashion.

The most important point to note about choosing a niche for your blog is to start with a niche that is not too broad so you can immediately increase your topical authority. You can as well expand when you are exhausted on titles and have had enough organic traffic coming to your blog already.

If you want to choose this kind of job as a stay-at-home mom, I have an article that will show you in great detail how to start and monetize a blog and you can read it now: How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online.

2. Create or buy and sell websites.

This kind of job has been curled into the term “website flipping” and it is the process where you create a website from scratch then increase its value or you buy a website that already has value, work on increasing it more, and finally sell it at a much higher price to make a profit.

Since this job is mainly done online, it will allow you to make money in the comfort of your home while shouldering the full responsibility of your role as a mother.

If you prefer this kind of job, I have an article on this blog that will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting started and you can read it now: How To Make Money Selling Websites Online.

3. Online coaching.

Online coaching is a process where you communicate your knowledge of a particular topic or more to people through different kinds of digital mediums. There are several types of coaching to choose from which range from private, group, life, and business coaching etc.

Choosing online coaching is very good for you as a stay-at-home mom because it will allow you to create schedules that will not get in the way of performing your home responsibilities as a mother.

Your target as an online coach would be to teach other would-be moms about what they are going to experience in the field and to set yourself up for success ensure you follow the steps I will outline below:

  1. Choose a niche that corresponds with the home activities you like so much as a mother.
  2. Study your target market to see the level of competition and traffic. There are so many SEO tools that will help you to do so online.
  3. Make a list and create your coaching program.
  4. Set your pricing.
  5. Create your website or join online coaching platforms that will help you to host and sell your courses.
  6. Create social media accounts and employ several strategies to promote your online coaching business.

4. Write and sell screenplays.

If you are a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria that has a talent for writing screenplays, there is every possible opportunity for you to use your spare time at home to write several scripts you can advertise and sell online.

Meanwhile, you need to learn about how to gather or set your portfolio which must include at least 5 screenplays that are entirely written with synopsis, and query letters.

The next step is to look for someone in the movie industry and start to build connections that will help you get producers who will buy your scripts.

5. Start events rental services.

I have seen one of my mom’s friends making so much wealth by renting out canopies, chairs, plates, spoons, etc for people who have events like weddings, child dedications, funerals, etc.

And this could be a great business idea for you to start considering today as a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria.

Finding customers is very easy for this kind of business as you can start renting for your church members who will then recommend other people to come and rent from you. Bit by bit you will find the need to expand this business to reach out to more clients.

The good thing about this business is that events are usually rampant during weekends which will give you enough days and times to look after your family affairs.

6. Become a seamstress.

From what I’ve witnessed here in Nigeria, many seamstresses are running their sewing businesses in the lobbies or verandahs of their houses. This means that you don’t even have to rent a shop that might seem to take you away from home.

All you need is to keep your sewing machine in your verandah and then hang some clothes and sewing posters as a means of advertisement and you will soon see people starting to come to you for sewing their clothes.

7. Design websites for clients.

All you need to run this kind of business as a stay-at-home mom is to have knowledge of website design learning website design is very simple now because you can watch several YouTube tutorials or read free articles online and acquire the knowledge.

If you need a one-on-one lesson to help you learn web design appropriately, you can sign up for our one-on-one website design lessons on our web design agency now @

In the meantime, to get clients as a website designer, you can sign up as a freelancer on Fiverr or build your own web design agency online.

8. Become an influencer.

An influencer is someone who has amassed lots of followers on social media and businesses and brands pay them to recommend their products and services to those followers.

As a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria, you can sign up for an account on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and create content that focuses on any niche that relates to the home like parenting, kid’s activities, etc.

Invest money every now and then, no matter how small, to run ads that will fetch you the number of followers that will meet the requirements of those social accounts so you can monetize them and start making your money online.

9. Start copywriting.

The duty of a copywriter is to create content for businesses aimed at persuading or enticing potential clients to purchase the company’s goods or services immediately or in the near future.

As a copywriter, you will be responsible for generating the advertising idea from scratch, this means the word choice, diction, etc, are going to come from your end.

The most challenging part is the copywriters are expected to create content that is error-free and in the end meet the target of helping that brand to establish its identity and get enough people to patronize their business.

To become a copywriter you have to do the following:

  1. Study and understand copywriting basics.
  2. Learn about why businesses or brands are in need of copywriters.
  3. Choose a niche you know very well.
  4. Establish your brand by building a portfolio website or getting on social media platforms.
  5. Market your brand and start looking out for clients.

Since copywriting will require you to do everything online without leaving your home, it is one of the perfect jobs for you as a stay-at-home mom.

10. Work as a digital content writer.

Unlike copywriting which involves writing to persuade or entice potential clients for businesses, content writing involves writing to educate or entertain potential business clients.

Your aim as a content writer is to use your writing skills to communicate information, ideas, or stories in a way that will engage your potential readers. You can use content writers on various projects like blog posts, social media posts, website copies, articles, marketing materials, etc.

Most times, you will also shoulder the responsibility of embarking on keyword research and after writing the content you will also edit and proofread them.

As a content writer, you need to be a skillful writer as well as have the knowledge of keyword research which will help you to answer the right queries that will attract a target audience.

To get clients you can sign up for a freelance account at Fiverr, or build your own portfolio as well as use several advertising mediums to reach potential clients who are looking for content writers.

11. Open a childcare or daycare business.

As the number of workaholic parents keeps increasing, the need for someone to take care of their children also keeps increasing.

And these days most people are not comfortable with hiring housemaids and instead look out for trustworthy childcare or daycare center where they can drop their kids off before going to work and pick them up after work.

And if they realize you are a stay-at-home mom who knows so much about taking care of children, they will patronize you very well.

To start a childcare or daycare business at home, you can set aside spare rooms in your house and furnish them very well, and after that look out for a way you will spread the word about your childcare or daycare in your neighborhood to start getting clients.

12. Start tutoring students online.

School terms and semesters will always come to a close and serious students will always have a crucial need to have an online tutor who will help to keep their memories refreshed while enjoying their holidays.

And you can grasp this opportunity as a stay-at-home mom to start an online tutoring classes to help this students if you have a passion for education and possess the skills of teaching others.

Below are the few steps you need to take in order to become an online tutor:

  1. Choose the subjects you are knowledgeable in or can understand when doing research.
  2. Set up a place in your home you will be holding your online tutoring sessions.
  3. Purchase the right tools and software that will enable you to conduct your online tutoring. Some of them are a computer, internet connection, microphone, tablet or digital drawing pad and stylus, etc.
  4. Establish an online [presence whether on social platforms or creating your own website or both.
  5. Set your rates.
  6. Market your business and find clients.

13. Begin a home bakery or cooking business.

A home bakery or cooking business is a type of small business that will allow you to work from home instead of renting an expensive store and hiring loads of employees.

All you have to do is get your equipment and supplies, bake your cake or cook your food and start promoting your business to attract customers.

You can visit your local stores to arrange on how to supply them your cakes and snacks etc.

14. Offer beauty services at home.

Every week and other times people are throwing events which ranges from traditional marriages, weddings, child dedications etc which usually require beauty services like hairstyling, makeup, fixing eyelashes, manicure and pedicures etc to be done most especially on the female counterpart, that is the wives and mothers.

You can therefore seize the opportunity to purchase all the necessary beauty equipment and set up a beauty shop in your home wherre you can book appointments for people to come tto your placce and get their beuty services done.

HHere in Nigeria, mopst of your clients will expect you to come to their houses or hotels to perform this services, but iif you can have a form of transportation, that as a car that will convey the clients to and fro, it would be possible to attract lots of them o your business.

As the business expands you may choose to hire people who will always be there to help out.

15. Become a remote social media manager.

A social media manager is someone who is responsible for developing strategies that will help to increase product content and oversee social media campaigns aimed at increasing followers and potential customers for brands or businesses.

To become a social media manager you must start by having a very strong online community where you are already engaging lots of followers because this is what will attract those brands and businesses to employ you when you begin to reach out to them.

16. Produce and sell homemade crafts and arts.

If you are a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria who is skilled at making homemade crafts and arts like jewelry, photographs, soap, candles, clothes, etc, you can start now to make money from home by producing and selling them.

All you need to do is to purchase the necessary equipment, start your production and employ several promotion strategies to reach out to potential buyers.

17. Become a freelance editor.

A freelance editor is a professional who is contratcted to review and improve the content of a text or manuscript.

There are llots of brands and businesses that are looking for freelance editors to help out with their content.

So if you are certain you have what it takes to become one as a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria all you have to do is choose your niche and join a freelance network like Fiverr where you will find clients easily or start your own website or sign up to social media platforms and employ several advertising strategies to look out for clients.

18. Start digital marketing.

Digital marketing is simply the process of promoting and selling products and services online by utilizing several internet marketing strategies like search engines, social media platforms, paid advertisements, etc.

To become a successful digital marketer and make money as a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria, you must first of all choose, learn and implement any of the Internet marketing strategies.

19. Become a bookkeeper at home.

Unlike an accountant, the duty of a bookkeeper is to take charge of the daily financial health of a business or brand which includes paying bills, collecting invoice payments, creating and updating financial reports, receiving receipts, and reimbursing company employees.

And in general terms, the duty of a bookkeeper is to keep track of the money going in and out of a company on a daily basis.

There are lots of companies online already on the lookout to hire freelance bookkeepers and you can run a Google search for updated jobs on bookkeeping or join LinkedIn and a freelance platform like Fiverr that will help you get connections.

20. Start online trading.

Online trading is the means of buying and selling financial instruments like Equities, NCDs, Stocks, Derivatives, Bonds, etc through an Internet trading platform.

Prior to starting online trading, it is very important to undergo online courses that will help you have sufficient knowledge of how the stock market works.

From there you can move on to start practicing with a demo account which will enable you to get familiar with the price dynamics and be able to develop a trading strategy that will help you to make money online from trading.

21. Become a YouTuber.

As a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria, you can become a YouTuber by simply starting a channel where you upload and share video clips of your daily experiences with your kids, spouse, household chores.

This will help you to get the monetization requirements for YouTube and start making money as a YouTuber.

22. Take on transcription jobs online.

There are lots of transcription jobs online in Nigeria that can help you make real money while still playing your motherly role at home efficiently.

Simply run a Google search for the term Transcription jobs in Nigeria and enroll for anyone you can perfectly work on.

23. Make money by watching online promotional videos.

There are several sites that will pay you to watch ads, and other content like previews, movies, and television shows.

Eventhough it is not going to make you become wealthy online, it might help you to earn some gift cards and extra bucks when you are free.

24. Sell your photos online.

You can sell your photos online by becoming a contributor on stock photo websites or building your own website where you can charge people for using the original photos you shoot and upload by yourself.

To get started with selling photo online, you need to purchase a digital camera or use your iPhone to snap original photos that you can either sell to stock photo sites or upload on your own website and make money from it.

25. Join online surveys.

There are scores of market research companies that are creating opportunities for new members to fill out online surveys annd get rewards that range from cash to gift cards, redeemable points etc.

26. Become a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who is employed to do administrative, technical and sometimes marketing tasks for businesses.

Virtual simply means that you can perform all your tasks online which makes it easy for you as a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria to get a perfect job.