How to make real money online in Nigeria.

How To Make Real Money Online In Nigeria.

According to Statista the estimated number of internet users in Nigeria in 2022 was more than 108 million and the share of the Nigerian population using the internet is expected to grow to approximately 60 percent by 2027.

This statistic, therefore, makes it possible for anyone to earn a passive or full-time income online in Nigeria.

I ventured into the internet business in 2019 and I began to make money from it early because I was running this blog back then as an entertainment site where upcoming artists would pay me to promote their music online for them.

And as time went by I saw the need to incorporate other income sources online and today am making so much money from the portfolio of niche sites I have been able to build.

Well, this is my little testimony to help motivate you and give you the confidence that it is possible for you to make real money online here in Nigeria. So without further ado, let’s get into this article where I will walk through the various ways you can make real money online here in Nigeria.

How to make real money online in Nigeria.

How to make real money online in Nigeria 2

To make real money online in Nigeria, you must establish your presence or brand on the internet and implement various monetization strategies or programs that are readily available. For instance, you can build and monetize traffic on a blog with Google AdSense or simply sign up for free on social media platforms and start creating content that will help you to monetize social media pages or accounts.

Below are the realistic ways you can implement to make money online here in Nigeria:

  1. Build and monetize a blog.
  2. Flip websites.
  3. Start skit-making.

1. Build and monetize a blog.

A blog is simply a website that you update regularly with content that aims to provide answers to queries on search engines. Writing content on a blog can only be successful when you embark on keyword research to find the queries you will create your content about.

The best way to succeed with a blog is through content marketing which is the process of writing content that will rank on search engines and bring organic traffic to the blog.

Building and monetizing blogs are growing rapidly in Nigeria as lots of Nigerians are building blogs in different niches. Personally, I run a portfolio of niche blogs that focuses on creating content around a particular topic for a targeted audience.

The advantage of building a niche site is to enable you to create topical authority and rank higher over other multimedia blogs that are just touching on those topics.

Now let’s move on to see how you can start a blog and make money online.

How to build a blog.

Below is a step-by-step process you can follow to build and monetize a blog:

  1. Choose a niche: As I said earlier in this article, the advantage of choosing a niche is that it will help you to gain authority over that particular topic and rank higher than other blogs that are throwing a few lights on them. When trying to choose a niche, the popular advice is to choose a topic you are passionate about, but what if you are passionate about something you do not have any knowledge about? The result is that you will often get lost in research to come up with the idea you will write about. So my best advice is to start on a topic you know too well or have expertise in it. For example, if you were trained as a chemist, you can start a health blog and write about the health issues you have personally helped people tackle.
  2. Choose a domain name: Domain names play a very vital role in building a blog because it is always unique initials people will be using to find you on the internet. There are certain guidelines you need to follow when choosing a name for your blog and the most important ones are to keep your domain name short and memorable and avoid using numbers so that you will not confuse people on whether they should use the numerals or spell it out. When you check the popular blogs online you will discover that they have less than 10 letter words (YouTube 7, Facebook 8, Twitter 7, TikTok 6 etc).
  3. Check for the availability of your domain name: After deciding on a domain name, the next step is to check whether someone else is already using that name. There are so many methods of doing so but the simplest of them all is to type the name into your browser to see if it will load a website. If it does then you know the name has already been taken so you make adjustments or choose another one. But if it does not load a webpage then you are good to go with your domain name.
  4. Register your domain name and get web hosting: To register your domain name and get web hosting, you need to choose a web hosting company. Good enough we have lots of web hosting companies here in Nigeria and am personally using Truehost Cloud for all my blogs. And I recommend you use it too. The most important aspect of a web hosting company is customer support, and my style of finding the best web hosting company is to contact their support and see how rapidly they are going to respond. So even if you are new to web design, your hosting company will guide you throughout the whole process.
  5. Design your blog: After registering your domain and getting web hosting, your Cpanel details will be sent to your email from your web hosting company, so go to that email and use the initials to login to your Cpanel and scroll down to where you will see the WordPress installer and use it to install WordPress to your blog. Once the installation is successful, follow the admin dashboard link and when you get to the WordPress dashboard go to the menu and scroll down to “Appearance” where you will see the “Customizer” icon, use it to select a new theme and make changes to your blog as you want.
  6. Embark on keyword research: There are so many tools out there that will help you to do keyword research, but my own style is simply typing a keyword into Google and scrolling down to the “people also ask” section where I will click on the questions for more queries to open up. I will then gather up the queries for my content creation.
  7. Start creating original and helpful content: I use the word “original and helpful” because that is what Google recommends for ranking articles on their search engine. So when creating your content, make sure the answers you are providing to your researched queries are not copied or scraped content from other blogs you did research on. Even if you are using research from other blogs to get an idea for your content, make sure you add your own knowledge to make it original, helpful, and valuable for your readers.
  8. Exercise patience: This point is very critical because getting organic traffic to your blog is not going to happen overnight. Typically, it takes about 8 to 12 months for new blogs to start seeing the light of day on search engines. And it also depends on how competitive the topic you are choosing for your blog is. So while creating content for your blog, ensure you exercise patience and await until the traffic starts flowing in.
  9. Use paid adverts to start getting traffic: While waiting for organic traffic to start flowing in, you can as well invest a little into using paid adverts to start attracting traffic to your blog. Choose a post that is very vital and share it on Facebook and use Facebook ads to boost that post as traffic back to your blog. Am recommending Facebook Ads because it is about the cheapest so far.

How to monetize your blog.

Now that traffic is starting to flow into your blog, it is time to go ahead and monetize it. And below are some of the ways you can do so.

  1. Show Ads on your blog: There are lots of advertising networks you can join to enable you to show Ads on your blog and make money from impressions and clicks. Google AdSense is the No.1 and the best Ads network out there, and in order to enroll for the program, you need to set up an AdSense account, add the Google Sitekit plugin to your WordPress dashboard, and submit your site for review. Please note that your blog must be up to 6 months old before you apply to join Google AdSense, and while waiting, you can use easy Ads networks like Adsterra and Propeller Ads to start making money from your blog.
  2. Sell digital products: Now check the best-performing articles on your blog, add more information and resources, and repackage them into an audiobook and ebook you can sell for your readers to buy and learn more about the topic that brought them to your blog.
  3. Add a paid members area: Once the quality of your blog and the free content are getting high, you can create more valuable content and add a paid members area where people can pay a subscription fee to get access to them.
  4. Join affiliate programs: Another way to make money from your blog is to join affiliate programs and earn a commission when you refer people to make a purchase on your affiliate website. The process involved is to sign up with the affiliate and obtain an affiliate link you will add to strategic places in your blog posts so that when your readers click on them to engage with their services you will earn a commission from it.
  5. Sell online courses: You can also create online courses on the topics that are trending on your blog and sell them to your users.

2. Flip websites.

2. Flip websites.

Flipping websites is simply the art of building or buying a website, increasing its value through content creation and amassing lots of traffic, and then selling it out for a profit.

If you want to build a website from scratch, you can follow the steps I already showed above for building a blog or better still order a website at my web design agency blog.

If you want to buy a website, you can go online to search for a website that already has some value to buy. After buying the website, you can move on to work more on increasing its value and then sell it out in less than a year for profit.

How to make money from flipping websites.

To make money from flipping websites, you have to increase the value of that website. If it is a website you build from scratch, it will take about 12 to 24 months to succeed in doing so organically.

But if you have money to opt for paid adverts, it will be really easy to increase the value of that website in a short period of time.

Now let us see the steps you need to follow to make money from flipping websites:

  1. Increase the value of your website: To increase the value of your website, you have to first and foremost optimize it for search engines. Website optimization involves making the website load as quickly as possible, devising a content strategy, using several traffic sources to bring visitors to your website, and utilizing various monetization strategies to make money on the website.
  2. Get your traffic and financial reports ready: Before anyone will agree to buy a website from you, they will need to see the amount of traffic coming from the website and the revenue the website is already earning. So ensure you have an analytical tool that will help you gather the traffic coming to your website as well as other information regarding the amount of money your website is making from their monetization programs.
  3. Have a legal structure in place: There has to be a contract agreement before you hand over your website to anyone. This legal issue should include a refund policy that will assure the buyer that he can get his money back and return the website after using it for a period of time.
  4. Promote and sell your website: Once you are sure your website has value and have gathered all the proofs and have legal coverage on the ground, you can go ahead to promote and find a potential buyer for your website. The advantage of promoting and selling your website is that you will not share your profit with any broker and the disadvantage is that you will spend money on running the Ads that will fetch you a potential buyer.
  5. Find a website broker who will sell your website for you: If you cannot advertise and sell your website, you can look for a broker who is going to help you sell your website. The advantage of getting a broker is that they will have a buyer already on the ground and can sell your website within a short period of time. And the only disadvantage is that the broker is going to get a percentage cut from selling your website for you.

I have an article that gives more detail on how to flip websites and you can read it here: How To Make Money Selling Websites.

3. Start skit-making.

3. Start skit-making.

Skit-making has really gained ground in Nigeria as lots of comedians are already living lavishly from the money they make online from skit-making.

In 2023, Mr Funny a.k.a Sabinus has been rated as the top richest comedian in Nigeria with a net worth placed at $250,000.

Now let me quickly show you how to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria.

How to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria.

To make money from comedy skits in Nigeria you must ensure you are talented in doing or saying the things that will make people laugh. And to confirm this, you can start practicing around your friends and family members to see if they are really going to laugh.

Once you confirm you have the talent, you can go ahead and implement the following steps I am going to show you below to start making money from comedy skits in Nigeria.

  1. Develop your acting skills: Being a talented comedian is not just enough to start the journey into skit-making, you must work hard to develop the skills that will sustain you throughout your career. To develop your acting skills, you can enroll in any theater school or join an already well-established theater group where you will have the opportunity of learning what really you really need to excel in the comedy industry. Comedians are generally MCs, and for that reason, you can find a well-established MC to give you the basic guidelines of how to perfect that profession, that MC must also create opportunities that will make you showcase your talent in front of a large audience. You can also collaborate with other successful comedians and in so doing study the things they are doing to keep them on track.
  2. Choose a stage name: When choosing your stage name, you must make sure it really depicts your acting style or theme, which we will discuss in the next step. For example, the stage name Sabinus goes a very long way to show how his supposed ‘sabi sense’ always leads him into a very serious problem toward the end of his skits. Also, ensure your stage name is short and easy to pronounce.
  3. Choose a style or theme for your comedy skit: Sabinus is known for making skits that will always land in one trouble or another at the end of the day. Thus, he has established this theme so much that people are already conscious that no matter how serious or promising Sabinus skits begin, they will often end on the wrong note.
  4. Have a dress code: When you observe well you will realize that all the comedians in Nigeria have their dress code. Sabunus wears a blue shirt on top of black trousers in all his comedy skits. Some male comedians in Nigeria like Mama Uka even dress like women in their skits. So make sure you come up with your own unique dress code that will make you stand out.
  5. Get a videographer and editor or purchase video equipment: This will depend on your budget. But most of the comedy skits you are seeing online are shot with an iPhone, so if you have the money when starting out you can purchase one for yourself.
  6. Create your social media accounts and optimize your profiles: The main social media accounts you should focus on are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Those are the social accounts where skit-making is becoming more popular. After creating the account make sure you optimize your profiles with images and a description that will help people quickly recognize you as a skit maker when they come in contact with your account.
  7. Shoot and upload your comedy skits: This is the most important aspect of making money from skit-making because it is your content that will help you to get followers and subscribers to meet the social requirements for monetization. The key to succeeding in reaching that requirement is to create and upload videos consistently on your social account. Before now, comedians used to drop at least 2 videos every week, but now they are dropping videos almost every day because the more they do the more they are increasing their chances of making so much money online.
  8. Grow your social media following: Uploading videos consistently will help you to beat the social media algorithms and organically grow your followership. But you can make it move a bit quicker by using paid adverts to reach potential followers.
  9. Monetize your social media accounts: To monetize your social media accounts you must reach the requirements in the respective social media accounts. To know those requirements can click on each of the respective links: YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok.
  10. Reach out to brands for endorsements: Naturally, when you have lots of followers on social media, lots of brands are going to reach out to you for endorsements. But most times you don’t have to wait until they do so as you can take the bull by the horn and reach out to them and once they see your followership they are going to endorse you immediately.
  11. Join affiliate programs: There are lots of affiliate programs you can join and promote the links on your comedy skits to refer people to those businesses and earn a commission when doing so.

You can read an article on this blog that will show you How Nigerian Skit Makers Are Making Money Online.