How To Earn Money From Facebook.

How To Earn Money From Facebook.

When Facebook came out as a social media platform, we did not have the slightest idea that it is one day going to turn out an online income stream, it is therefore no understatement to say that Facebook has turned so many into millionaires.

But then earning money from Facebook does not happen overnight because, for example, there are certain policies you need to adhere to as well as requirements you must meet before you can enroll for the Facebook monetization program.

And even if you are not looking to make money from Facebook monetization, any other means of earning money from Facebook will require you to have lots of followers who are interested in whatever service you are offering on your Facebook page.

Therefore, I am writing this article to reveal the several ways, means or method you must have in place if you are really looking to earn money from Facebook. But before I reveal those methods to you, let us first and foremost get to see the basic things you must do to enable you make money from Facebook.

Things you must do to enable you earn money from Facebook.

If you are really looking to make money from Facebook, make sure you do these three basic things first:

  1. Create and optimize your Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is totally free and you can do so by using your real name or the name relating to your niche or content. Once you are done creating the page make sure you optimize your profile with images, your niche, what your page is about, contact details, etc. because this is what will help people understand what your page is all about and start following it.
  2. Choose a niche and start your content creation. Growing content that targets a specific niche will go a long way in helping you gather the right followers who will always engage with your content. This happens because of Facebook algorithm that ensures the feeds of Facebook users are only displayed with the kind of content they like to engage with anytime they are using the platform. For instance, if you are fond of watching comedies on Facebook, you will realize that you will always find comedies, even from people who are not following your page, on your feed. So when you have the right audience following your Facebook page, they are always going to see any new content you create on their feed and in so doing engage with them. And the most important engagement which is sharing that content on their account will help other Facebook users to discover and directly follow your page.
  3. Focus on growing your Facebook followers. There are various ways of growing your Facebook followers, but the key factor to doing so is to be consistent in creating content to your page. A minimum of 3 content every week will go a very long way in helping you grow your Facebook followers.

How to earn money from Facebook.

Below are the various ways and means you can earn money from Facebook:

  1. Facebook monetization.
  2. Influencer marketing.
  3. Affiliate marketing and referrals.
  4. Seek donations from fans.
  5. Grow and sell a Facebook page.

1. Facebook monetization.

You can earn money from Facebook through Facebook monetization, however, you are expected to first and foremost adhere to Facebook monetization policies as well as meet the requirements for any of the Facebook monetization program I am going to list and explain below.

  1. Stars and gifts. With Facebook Stars, you can earn money from Facebook when your viewers buy Stars and send them to you while you’re live. To earn this way you must have on-demand videos Stars turned on for text and photo posts. When someone sends Stars to you on Facebook, you will earn $.01 in US dollars for each star, you will also earn at the same rate when the Stars are used to buy you gifts.
  2. In-stream Ads. You can also earn from Facebook monetization by allowing Facebook to run Ads in your existing or new video content. You can do so by allowing Meta technologies to automatically identify natural breaks in your videos and place ads there, or you choose your own placements. Your earnings on this type of Facebook monetization will depend on the advertisers you choose as well as the number of views you have on your videos. There are basically three types of in-stream ads on Facebook and they are: Pre-roll ads which are short spots that run before your video plays, Mid-roll ads which are Ads that play during natural breaks in your video, and Image ads which are static ads that will appear under your videos
  3. In-stream Ads for live videos. You can also make money from Facebook monetization by placing in-stream ads during your live videos. To do this you must set up your ads directly from Meta Business Suite, and once you do that, your ads will begin to deliver automatically. The three types of ads in in-stream ads for live videos are: Pre-roll ads which are short spots that run before your live video, Mid-roll ads which are ads that play on the main screen while your live video continues in a floating, and Banner ads which are static ads that appear as a banner during your live video window.
  4. Badges. When you are eligible to earn money from Facebook monetization with badges, you can simply turn on a top fan badge for a Page or profile by frequently liking or reacting to content, and commenting on or sharing posts from a Page or profile, or a top commenter badge for a Page by commenting often, early or making comments that get lots of replies.
  5. Bonuses. When you become an eligible creator, you will receive an invitation to set up bonuses, which enable you to earn money from your Facebook reels.

2. Influencer marketing.

You can also earn money from Facebook through influencer marketing which simply involves being paid by individuals and businesses to advertise their products and services to your followers.

To however earn money from Facebook with influencer marketing, you must ensure you have lots of followers because no individual or business will pay you to advertise their product or service to a very thin followers.

3. Affiliate marketing and referrals.

To earn money on Facebook with affiliate marketing and referrals, you must look for affiliate programs and referrals you can sign up for to collect affiliate or referral links you are going to showcase to your followers.

Once any of your follower follows your affiliate or referral link to engage with any of the products or services those programs are offering, you will earn a certain amount of money as a commission.

Thus, the number of followers you have on your Facebook account will determine how much you are going to earn from Facebook in this regard.

4. Seek donations from fans.

You can also seek donations from your fans as a means of earning money from Facebook.

So many people are using Facebook to get donations from their followers who enjoy whatever kind of content they are creating. I have personally seen lots of influencers I am following seeking for one kind of donation or another from their followers.

Some even go to the extent of requesting their followers to buy them recharge cards or data. And as a matter of fact, this is not a crime as it is more better to beg than to fraud or steal.

But my own advice for seeking donations from your fans is to create or set up a project and ask them to help you fund it. You can even go as far as telling those who are contributing what they stand to gain, even though it is not monetary, if they are able to contribute for the project to become successful.

5. Grow and sell a Facebook page.

Growing and selling a Facebook page is another cool way to earn from Facebook, but make sure you are growing the page with real humans and not robots.

Even if you don’t have a large following, you can use any trending topic to create a page and upload very interesting content that will urge people to follow the page to get updates.

Once you are able to reach the Facebook monetization requirements, you can put it up for sale and when someone buys it, he or she can then change the name.

On the other hand, if you have a large following on Facebook, you can create a page and share it to your teeming followers who will then follow it until you reach the monetization requirements and put it up for sale.

One other way people are also growing a Facebook page to sell is by using the name of a popular person who is not yet verified to create a Facebook page, but I don’t recommend you to go down that road because it is against Facebook community guidelines and policies, and should the real owner of the name report the page, Meta will take it down abruptly.