Hi, my name is Eventus Okon a.k.a Mr Taculia and I come from Nigeria. I am a blogger, digital marketer, web designer and generally an online business expert who owns several blogs on different niche.

By creating content on several niche sites, I have really utilized the internet to make so much money for myself in several ways and what is working for me is the same thing I share with my audience on this blog.

So I dedicate this blog taculia9ja.com to help those who are eager to work from home learn how to make money online in several ways like blogging, digital marketing, social media, freelancing, investing, crypto currency etc.

You can please visit any of my niche site below that is your area of interest.

  1. taculiaentertainment.com – An arts and entertainment blog.
  2. bloggingwizard.com.ng – A blogging advice blog.
  3. taculiadesigns.com – A web design agency blog.
  4. taculiarecords.com.ng – A record label advice blog.
  5. Webflex.com.ng – A website development and maintanance blog.
  6. freetruthevangelical.com – A Christian religious blog.
  7. musicadvice.com.ng – A music advice blog.

If you need any personal help or just wish to reach out to me please let me know by sending an email to taculia9ja@gmail.com so that we can assess the issue and take appropriate action.

You can also call me on my numbers: +2348038927536, +2348132633812, +2348079974193.