Jobs That Are Easy To Get In Nigeria.

10 Jobs That Are Easy To Get In Nigeria.

Getting a job in Nigeria might seem very hard these days considering the present economic situation that the country has found itself.

With the resent hike in fuel price, the continuous rise of the dollar and other foreign currencies against the Naira, and most especially the random increase in the Nigerian population it is very clear to see that the Nigerian government is not capable of building jobs for it’s cirtizens.

In Nigeria today you will find University graduates going to learn a profession like mechanic, tailoring, video editor etc. simply because they are unable to secure a job even after spending years to get a degree..

Most times, the inability to get a job does not come from the fact that there is no availability of jobs but rather because the individual who is seeking for the job does not know the kind of jobs he should be seeking for.

In fact, it is very important to first and foremost understand the kind of jobs that are easy to get in Nigeria even before embarking for studies in the University so that when you come out with your degree you might find it easy to secure a job.

In this article therefore, I will reveal to you the jobs that are easy to get in Nigeria, and without any waste of time, let’s get started with it.

10 Jobs that are easy to get in Nigeria.

Below are the 10 jobs that are easy top get in Nigeria:

  1. Content writer and editor.
  2. SEO manager.
  3. Social media manager.
  4. Sales representative.
  5. Video editor.
  6. Receptionist.
  7. Call center agent.
  8. Graphics designer.
  9. Delivery agents.
  10. Customer service representative.

1. Content writer and editor.

As a content writer and editor, you will be responsible for writing and editing content for blogs, websites, social media accounts etc.

You don’t necessarily need to have any knowledge about SEO because some of the companies you will be working for will have an SEO expert or manager who will come up with do keyword research and competitor analysis and provide you with the content title you need to write about.

On the other hand, if you can also have knowledge of SEO it’ll do you much good as that can create an opportunity for you to land two jobs at the same time.

2. SEO manager.

As an SEO manager, you will be faced with the responsibility of planning, implementing and managing all the SEO strategy of the company you will be working for.

You will be required to do develop a content strategy which often includes keyword research, link building, industry outreach etc. And all these strategies will be geared at bringing lots of visitors to your companies blog, website or social media accounts.

Below are some of the duties and responsibilities you are going to face as an SEO manager:

  1. The ability to plan, develop and implement all kinds of SEO strategy
  2. Implement and improve organic search optimization and ROI maximization
  3. Perform thorough keyword research on a regular basis.
  4. Be able to identify key SEO KPIs
  5. Monitor and improve redirects, click rate, bounce rate, and other KPIs
  6. Prepare and present regular reports using analytics as proof.
  7. Know who your buyers are and use that to identify and target similar audiences
  8. Easily identify problems and deficiencies and procure timely solutions to tackle them.
  9. Suggest and make improvements in process and productivity optimization
  10. Link up with web developers and marketing team
  11. Stay up to date with the latest SEO and digital marketing best practices and trends.

3. Social media manager.

As a social media manager, you are going to be faced with the responsibility of helping your company to interact with the public via their social media accounts.

Your duty will include planning social media campaigns that will help your company to reach a wider audience and build trust to the level they are going to purchase their products and services.

The main focus of a social media manager will be effectively using social media to increase a brand or company awareness.

4. Sales representative.

There are so many companies in Nigeria looking for people who will act as their sales representative. As a sales representative your main job is going to be on the sales of products or services.

To function as a sales representative you must possess communication skills that will help you to connect well with customers.

Experience is not that necessary at times because companies who are going to hire you will provide the basic training that will help you to understand their goals and how to implement them.

Earning in this field is usually based on how much sales you are able to make at a specified time-frame.

5. Video editor.

There is no company in this world that will ever make progress without applying different forms of marketing that will help them reach potential customers.

And one of the marketing strategies nearly every company is using is video content which helps them to inform, engage and inspire their potential customers with the aim of getting them to buy their products and services.

With the rise in the use of iPhone to achieve better video quality, several companies do not have the need of hiring a videographer, rather they will shoot their videos with an iPhone and only look for a video editor who will arrange the clips, add captions and effects and make the video available in a short period of time.

Sometimes the company might not necessarily have the need of shooting video clips but will require their video editor to use stock video clips to interpret the message they are intending for their potential customers.

To succeed as a video editor, you must be skilled in the use of specialized software applications and editing tools which will help you to merge content from multiple sources and add photos, graphics, visual and sound effects etc.

Succeeding in this kind of job will also be demonstrated by your ability to produce dynamic, entertaining, and audience-appropriate videos which will help your company expand their market reach and increase viewer engagement.

6. Receptionist.

The role of a receptionist is also one of the hobs which are easy to get in Nigeria, and the duty of a receptionist is to attend to visitors by way of phone calls, face-face interaction, messages etc.

As a receptionist, you will be faced with the duty of managing appointments for every Tom and Jerry who is going to do business with your company and as a result of that you must possess communication skills as well as be friendly and easy-going with people.

7. Call center agent.

Even though receptionist often bear the responsibility of answering phone calls for companies or brands, this digital age has however made it necessary for them to hire a specific individual for that role which is known as a call center agent.

As a Call Center Agent, you will shoulder the responsibility of assisting customers over the phone, and for that reason you must possess a good communication, patience, and problem-solving skills.

8. Graphics designer.

The duty of a graphic designer is to create images that will draw potential customers to a brand’s product or service.

Most of this images are in the form of logos, flex, banners, etc.

To however succeed in this job role, you must have the knowledge of using graphic design software’s to develop unique fonts, color schemes, shapes and other design elements that will help to portray a company’s brand.

Sometimes, a graphic designer may also need to sketch their ideas on paper before transferring them to a digital format.

9. Delivery agents.

With the rise of digital marketing and sales, the need of delivery agents are growing rapidly in Nigeria as several customers are looking for people who are going to convey their goods to customers in strategic locations.

The transportation sources used in this regard are mainly motorcycles and vehicles and as a result of that you must have a valid driver’s license, good navigation skills, and also be reliable.

10. Customer service representative.

So many companies in Nigeria are currently looking for customer representative who will help their customers by answering their questions and solving problems.

As a customer service representative, you must possess good communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.