How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online.

Based on my own personal experience, it is very easy to start a blog and make money online within a very short period of time.

And my story goes thus…

I began this blog in 2019 as an entertainment platform where I uploaded the latest music, movies, and comedy skits for free digital download. I also added an article section where I wrote several articles about how to succeed in the music industry.

And having been in the music industry as an artist, I didn’t have a tough time brushing my article within a few hours, and in no time I wrote an article about how upcoming artists can succeed in the music industry by making freestyle videos.

This article gave me the idea to start another blog to help upcoming artists promote their freestyle videos for a fee.

I started running Facebook Ads to make that article reach a wider audience and in no time lots of artists started paying me to edit, upload and promote their freestyle videos. And lots of them also paid me to promote their audio tracks on this blog.

As time went by, I saw the need to join Google AdSense and start making money, that was when I changed this blog to a financial niche and started another entertainment blog

I hope you can see how I quickly started making money from blogging.

With more than 4 years and counting in this blogging profession, I have utilized several monetization methods to keep the money flowing in from my blogs and I thought it wise to use my knowledge and experience to teach you how to start a blog and make money online.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to start a blog.

To start a blog that makes money online you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Think twice and decide if blogging is really for you.
  2. Have a little insight into the blogging profession.
  3. Find a niche or topic you are going to concentrate on.
  4. Choose a name for your blog.
  5. Check for the availability of your domain name.
  6. Purchase a domain name and hosting account.
  7. Install and design your blog.
  8. Create vital pages.
  9. Submit your blog to Google’s search console and add a sitemap.
  10. Embark on keyword research.
  11. Start writing content around your keywords.

Ask yourself if blogging is really for you.

Just because you’ve heard that there is so much money in blogging, you want to search the internet for a few tips on how to get started as a blogger and immediately move on from there to give it a shot.

That’s a really bad idea that will make you give up when you are faced with the challenges of the trade.

So what then should be your first step when you want to start a blog and make money online?

Your first step should be to ask yourself if blogging is really for you.

Basically, one skill that all successful bloggers have in common is passion and the ability to read and write.

Personally, I was so fond of reading and writing while growing up. In reading, if I pick literature or a novel, I will finish it within a few hours, and in writing, I was always either composing music, writing poems, or inspirational messages and my own books.

So even if you want to hire writers, you must have the tendency to sit down and read what others are writing for you as well as also contribute your own idea in some of your content.

In the end, if you are the kind that loved reading and writing, then blogging is definitely for you.

Have a little insight into the blogging profession.

After discovering that blogging is really for you, the next step is to have a little insight into the blogging profession. You can do this by studying the life story of a few successful bloggers, watching their videos on YouTube as well as visiting their blogs to see what they are doing.

The reason you should do this is to get the needed inspiration and confidence that will drive you toward becoming a successful blogger. If you consider it necessary, you can pick one of those bloggers as a role model.

Find a niche or topic you are going to concentrate on.

“Jack of all trades and master of none’ is one old adage that applies so much to the blogging profession. NAnd in this context it means that you should not start a blog and begin writing whatever comes to your head or what you think is currently making waves.

Consider the professions in life, no one goes to school at the same time to study and graduate in two disciplines with two degrees. Even if you want to have two degrees, you must finish one and obtain a certificate before you move on to the next one.

That is the same thing that happens with blogging. You really need to choose a niche or topic you are going to place the focus of your content.

So many bloggers will advise you to pick a niche you have passion for, but I think passion is not enough to become successful in a niche when it comes to blogging rather a niche or topic you know naturally or even had a form of training or another is the best you should pick for your blogging career.

The reason you must do this is to have what we call a topical authority on a particular niche. This means that if people are coming to your blog to learn about a particular topic, they should be able to see other related topics that will help them understand the former much better.

Also, creating content on a particular topic will give you the opportunity to interlink your articles and in so doing increase your rankings on search engines.

Choose a name for your blog.

After settling for a niche, the next step you should take is to find the perfect name for your blog.

You can add the keywords of the topic you have chosen to your domain name, in what we call domain SEO, or simply use your own unique name or nickname.

For example, I have a blog that focuses on writing content about the blogging profession, and when naming it I inserted the keyword blogging into it to arrive at the name: While this very blog cojoins my own nickname “Taculia” and that of my country “9ja” to have as the domain name.

Check for the availability of your domain name.

Before you go ahead to buy the domain name and web hosting for your blog, you must ensure you check for the availability of the domain name in order to ensure someone else is not using it already.

There are so many ways to do this but the easiest is to type the name directly into your browser and if it does not load any blog then you know the name is available.

On the other hand, if it does load a blog, you can go ahead to make adjustments to the name until you come up with a name that is not already taken by someone else.

Purchase a domain name and hosting account.

To purchase a domain name and hosting account you have to choose a web hosting company. There are important features you must look for in a web hosting company but my favorite take is the customer service response.

This is because you need to work with a web hosting company that will respond immediately and help you out with any challenges along the line.

So what I personally do before choosing a web hosting company is to use the chat integration on the web hosting service’s official website and ensure I talk to a human being and not a bot.

I will then take the time to ask them questions relating to uptime, payment gateway, and the rest ad once am satisfied I then go ahead to purchase the domain and web hosting account.

But in case I had no rapid response or a bot showed up or they failed to answer my questions appropriately I will move on to another web hosting service to try my luck again.

However, if you will or find this process very challenging, you can visit our web design agency to order a blog at an affordable price and save yourself the stress.

Install and design your blog.

After purchasing your domain name and web hosting, the next step is to install a website builder that will help you design your blog.

The No.1 and only recommended website builder for a blog is WordPress.

And to install WordPress on your blog, head on to your cpanel account through the login details that were sent by your host to your email, scroll down to where you have Softaculous, and under it press WordPress when it opens use the quick installer feature to select your blog and install WordPress on it.

Once WordPress is installed, follow the admin link and get to the dashboard.

At the dashboard check the menu and hover on “Appearance” where you will click on ‘Customizer’.

When you get to the customizer you will find the default theme which is always the WordPress theme that carries the name of the current year.

From there you can change the theme and start customizing it to your preference.

After changing the theme, go back to the menu and click on “plugins’ and when the page loads click on ‘Add New” and install the following plugins: Jetpack, Akismet, and WordFence.

Create vital pages.

There are vital pages you should add to your website to increase the trustworthiness of your visitors and they are:

  1. About Page which describes the mission and purpose of your blog.
  2. Contact Page which shows your readers how to reach you through your physical address, phone number, email etc.

Submit your blog to Google’s search console and add a sitemap.

Submitting your blog to Google’s search console and adding a sitemap will make it easy for Google to index your pages and posts.

To do this you have to install and activate Google’s plugin known as “Google Site Kit” and also “Sitemap Generator For Google”.

After installing the Site Kit, you will see the prompt that will guide you toward installing Google Search Console to your blog.

Now go to the sitemap generator and copy the links it will generate for you and paste it into the sitemap area on your Google Search Console dashboard.

Embark on keyword research.

Keyword research is simply the art of looking up queries people are typing into the Google search engine and writing articles that answer those queries so that your blog can always show up when next people are typing those queries.

And once your article starts ranking for certain queries people will start coming to your blog from the search engine organically.

There are lots of keyword research tools that can help you do this, but when I began my blog and relied on them they weren’t helpful because the articles I wrote then were not ranking.

So I adopted the method of highlighting the keywords relating to my topic and typing them directly into the search engine. And when the results return queries, I used them to provide their answers in my articles.

And this is the method that has been working for me ever since and I hope it is also the best method you should go for.

Start writing content around your keywords.

You will often hear bloggers everywhere in the world saying “Content is King”. We say this because when you have original and helpful content on your blog, it will bring organic traffic from people who are already eager to get answers to their queries.

Whereas, if you depend on promoting your blog through Ads alone, you will end up paying so much to bring visitors to your site of whom the majority just came to see and leave.

How to make money online from blogging.

How to make money online from blogging.

To make money online from blogging you need to follow any or more of the monetization methods I will show you below and afterward promote your blog in order to attract visitors who will engage with them. For example, they will have the opportunity to see and click on your Ads and affiliate links, buy your digital products, pay for a freelancing service, etc.

Blog monetization methods.

Below are several blog monetization methods that will help you make money online with a blog:

  1. Offer digital music download, streaming, and promotion services for musicians.
  2. Start a movie streaming and downloading platform.
  3. Join an Ad program like Google AdSense and make money online from Ads impressions and clicks.
  4. Join affiliate programs and start earning commissions as you refer people to buy a product or engage with a service on another blog.
  5. Sell digital products like Audiobooks, Ebooks, etc.
  6. Do online courses and webinars on topics that are trending and people are eager to learn about. An example is the ChatGPT that is current;y trending.
  7. Offer freelance services based on your skills and expertise. An example is my web design freelance agency
  8. Add a paid membership area for people to access certain features on your blog. An example could be an online tool.

How to promote your blog.

Below are the ways you can promote your blog to attract visitors.

  1. SEO
  2. Paid adverts.
  3. Share your blog on social platforms.
  4. Use influencers.
  5. Join forums.
  6. Guest posts on other blogs.


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which simply entails proper positioning of your blog posts to make them appear on search engines.

It usually begins with a process known as keyword research which entails looking up the queries people are typing into search engines and using the results to formulate your blog titles, subheadings, and overall content.

Succeeding with SEO will help you to bring organic traffic to your blog. However, this is not something that will ever happen in one night as it requires hard work by way of writing content, and a longer period of time to see the green light of blogging after you are starting out.

A testimonial from several bloggers including myself sums up the fact that if keyword research is properly done and original and helpful content is written on a new blog, they are expected to start kicking up from about 6 to 8 months on niches that are less competitive. And if a niche is a competitive one it could take a year or 18 months.

Now when we talk about original and helpful content, we mean those articles you write based on having knowledge about the subject matter, especially through experience.

As we illustrated earlier in this article, people consult search engines when they are stuck with a question they are seeking answers to or a problem they need solutions. Therefore, the ability to provide answers to a searcher’s question or solution to their problems should be the goal of every blogger in the world.

But it’s unfortunate that so many people are coming into the blogging profession for the sole aim of making money. And for that reason, they try to manipulate ways or devise means of copying or re-writing the pieces of information that are already available online and hope it brings them traffic.

\But all thanks to plagiarism which helps to flush duplicated content out of the search engines and make way for original and helpful content to rank still.

With all the latest advancements in digital technology, especially the emergence of AI, which helps people to gather the information they need within seconds, blogging will forever remain evergreen because it is one of the sure-fire avenues that real humans get to share their knowledge and experiences with their fellow humans.

Think about having a particular problem and you immediately ask it on search engines and find the solution from one of the blogs that pops up as a result of your inserted keywords.

Now you need to understand that you were able to find that solution by following the instructions or recommendations of the blog writer who also had the same problem.

Paid adverts.

Paid advert involves paying any Advertising platform to display your website or posts to their users or subscribers.

There are several Ads networks you can utilize to achieve a positive result for your paid adverts, for example, Google AdSense, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, WordPress Blaze, etc.

Share your blog on social platforms.

Another way you can promote your blog to attract visitors to it is by sharing your blog posts on social media platforms.

But before you do so, it is worth noting that social platforms have an algorithm that shoves aside links that are intended to draw people away from their platform to another. And to conquer that algorithm you can always add your links to an image you upload directly to the platform and add a captivating caption.

Also posting relevant content consistently on a particular social platform will help you to bid their algorithm and show your post to more and more users or followers.

Use social media influencers.

Social media influencers are those who have been able to amass lots of followers their on social media accounts. And influencer marketing is the process where you pay then to post your product or service in front of those million followers.

But the problem is that influencer marketing is very expensive, but if you have the resources to adopt it, it is worth it at the end of the day.

Join forums.

Another way to promote your blog is to join forums. Forums will give you the opportunity of interacting with people in your industry.

But because your intention is to promote your blog does not mean you should just sign up for the forum and start dropping links to your articles. I bet you will be banned on some forum for spamming users.

Therefore, when you join a forum ensure you make helpful contributions and skillfully drop links only when they are necessary.

Guest posts on other blogs.

Guest posting on other blogs simply involves writing content for other blogs and linking back to your site as an exchange.

But before you guest post on any blog, ensure they have the traffic that will redirect some back to you. Of curse even if you are doing so to acquire backlinks, it won’t count that much as the site will be seen as less valuable.

Aside from making money online with a blog, I have another article that shows several ways of making money online which you can read here: How To Make Money Online.