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The Quote About Mosquito Making A Difference.

As we are going to learn in this post, the size does not really matter when it comes to making a difference in life, what really matters is the ability to do it.

Let’s begin this post by first and foremost highlighting the quote.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” — Dalai Lama

So without much ado, let us move on to see the quote about mosquito making a difference.

The quote about mosquito making a difference.

The quote about mosquito making a difference was written by Dalai Lama and it says: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

The Quote About Mosquito Making A Difference.

Now how does a mosquito really make a difference?

Mosquito, even though it’s too small, will either bite you or make noise in your ears while you are trying to get a peaceful rest. And this bite or noise might give you sleepless nights unless you are lucky enough to kill the mosquito.

This quote was really written for those who are fond of looking down on themselves because of their low status or even stature in life.

The worst part of it is when they are contending with someone who is superior in whatever context the competition occurs. And worst still of the opponent is trying to bully or impose his superiority on them.

Words like “low-esteem, inferiority complex’ are always associated with these kinds.

Let me quickly chip in the story of one David and Goliath recorded in the Bible. David was just a young shepherd who was always tending his father’s sheep in the bush while Goliath was an experienced Phillistine warrior, and worst still a giant.

Now when he was told it was David he had to contend with, Goliath asked if there are no better warriors in the whole land of Israel for them to put up such a little brat against him.

He must have thought it was a kin of game or something, or probably the Israelites were trying to play a trick on him and introduce thousands of strong and experienced warriors in the long run.

I think this and several thoughts going through Goliath’s mind must have made him come up with several strategies to destroy whatever kind of army will show up in the end.

On the flip side was David who could not even lift a foot after the garments of war were put on him and he had to do away with them all.

Now while Goliath was waiting for this ant to crawl up so he can crush him, David fixed his stone into his catapult, and with just one shot at it brought the mighty Goliath down.

As we can all learn from this story, if David was looking at his small stature and comparing it to Goliath’s gigantic stature, he wouldn’t have been able to make that difference that generations to generations are learning about.

Often times, it I not only our stature that we need to consider because the goals or resources at our disposal always seem to discourage us from making a difference.

And going back to David’s story, we can see that the only resource at his disposal was a common and little stone that could only fit to a catapult, while Goliath was clothed with the whole armor of war. But David did not see either himself or the stone as small because if he did he wouldn’t have dare threw it at Goliath.


Whatever you set out to achieve in life, always overlook your status, position, financial ability, resources and the rest, rather keep focus on your goal and let this quote serve as a source of motivation to help you make the difference you seek on life.

Good luck!

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