People will forget what you said quote Maya Angelou

People Will Forget What You Said – Maya Angelou Quote.

In this post, we are going to take a deeper look at one of Maya Angelou quotes which captures this beautiful title for our post: “people will forget what you said”.

But before we dive into the meaning of this quote, let us first and foremost outline the full quote below.

People Will Forget What You Said - Maya Angelou Quote.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

People will forget what you said meaning.

In this quote, Maya Angelou is trying to let us know that people will forget what you said simply means that people are likely going to overlook your words and actions but pay more attention to the feelings you are able to help them catch.

But in doing a proper analysis of the meaning of this quote, you will realize that your words and actions are what is going to bring about that feelings in people.

Well, according to hermeneutics and exegesis, one can never interpret a literal text unless they get into the mind of the writer to know what prompted him or her to pen down the words.

And in this case, I think Maya was trying to bend towards how human beings should positively impact the lives of other people in order to create an everlasting memory in them; because anytime the person looks on what he was able to achieve or attain you will always be the person that come into his mind.

However, the problem or error in this quote lies in the fact that Maya failed to indicate what type of feelings we will incur in people to make them remember us forever. Because, the good and bad things we do to people will equally give them one feeling or another.

And for this reason, the choice is therefore left on us to always decide the kind of feelings we want to give to people, not forgetting they will always use that to remember us.

Personally, I think the bad things we do to people will incur a lasting reminder more than the good ones, judging from the fact that so many people tend to easily forget something good that someone did for them. Thus, even if the opportunity presents itself they will never reciprocate such or even appreciate it.

And this usually causes the person who did the good to stop or desist from repeating such or the next victim. But left for me, I would encourage you to keep on doing the good even if people don’t seem to remember you for it much because God is the only rewarder of the good we are able to do here on earth.


Judging from how Maya begins this quote with “I learned” I think it is safe to conclude that she was writing it due to series of encounters or personal experience. And whether it was on the negative or positive, she is the only one in a better position to indicate for us who are trying to learn from the quote.


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