How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Depressed

How To Motivate Yourself When You Are Depressed.

Are you going through a season of transition or feeling tired or stocked? don’t worry because I am here to show you how to motivate yourself when you are depressed.

For most part of my life, I’ve been having this problem of leaving so many goals unaccomplished, probably because I never used to be that much successful.

As we all know, achieving success is one of the things that energizes and encourages us humans to keep achieving more in life.

At some point in my life, I went through a very dark season of depression and this kept me indoors for about 3 years. And during this time, I was always feeling weak and tired and always nursing the thought that my life was a total failure.

My days back then were spent in grief and sadness and I tried so many ways to motivate myself to no avail, until I eventually took the approaches I am going o show you in this article.

How to motivate yourself when you are depressed.

Below are the ways you can motivate yourself when you are feeling depressed:

  1. Seek spiritual help.
  2. Reach out to fellow humans.
  3. Celebrate yourself.
  4. Look at the big picture in a small mirror.
  5. Avoid procrastination.
  6. List out the goals you wish to pursue.

Seek spiritual help.

often times, the problems we have seems to transcend the physical, that is why we cannot seem to motivate ourselves no matter how hard we try.

And when this occurs, the only way we should turn to is to seek for spiritual support or help, and this will depend on your religious affiliation.

As a Christian I was able to overcome my depression through prayers and studying the word of God.

In Philippians 4:6, the scripture calls upon us to thank God even in good or bad times, and this is because he is aware of everything we are going through and if we reach out to him he will help us at his own set time.

Reach out to fellow humans.

According to an old adage, “problem shared is a problem half solved”, thus you just need to reach out to your close relatives, good friends, colleagues etc. and share how you feel with them if you want to motivate yourself when you are depressed.

Celebrate yourself.

Even if your birthday is nowhere around the corner, you can overcome depression by looking for something that will compel you to celebrate yourself.

Thee goal here is to gather people in one place and have some enjoyment, and this will have the tendency of helping you to suppress depression.

Look at the big picture in a small mirror.

You can look at that big goal you are afraid to pursue that leaves you depressed in a small mirror if you want to motivate yourself when you are depressed.

That is to say, you need to break down your big goals into tiny pieces and begin to accomplish them bit by bit.

For the love of Christ, there is no way you are going to finish writing a 120 pages novel in a single day. So then, it is wise if you set favorable time and break the book down into chapters and see how you can write them within a specified time-frame.

Avoid procrastination.

Always learn how to start somewhere without waiting for the right time you propose.

Basically, you don’t want to catch a motivation before you embark on your new project or goal, all you have to do today is make a move towards overcoming depression.

Remember, every long journey begins with a step, so you must never let procrastination prevent you from taking your first step.

List out the goals you wish to pursue.

This could have been the number one way to motivate yourself when you are depressed but I brought it down here in order to leave a lasting impression on your mind.

Personally, I love to list out all the goals I wish to accomplish for every single day and cross any of them I’ve been able to accomplish.

You must aim to accomplish at least five important goals every single day, so make sure you write your list around those and come up with a schedule.

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