Motivation And It's Purposes.

Motivation And It’s Purposes.

On a daily basis, people are facing so much challenges, either in their personally lives or in their diverse fields of endeavors.

And when this occurs, the only way to get over and keep going is to motivate yourself. Thus you can motivate yourself everyday or when you wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night, clean, read, study, work, become successful, when you are depressed or even at a job you hate etc.

In this article therefore, we are going to look at the meaning of motivation and it’s purposes as it cuts across several areas or sectors.

What is motivation?

Motivation is an inner desire that propels an individual to work towards achieving their goals or aims in life. The goal of motivation is for one to defy all odds and become successful, and it is usually attained by learning and following the advice of those who are already successful in the hope that they are speaking from experience.

The meaning of purpose in motivation.

Purpose in motivation is the foreseen action that guides you through your journey of executing your set goals or plans. With purpose in motivation, you will have an idea of the things you are required to do in order to achieve success in your chosen task or goal.

Purpose in motivation usually comes by learning or acquiring the knowledge to succeeded from those who have already applied the knowledge themselves and succeeded. It is worth noting that this kind of knowledge are often acquired through series of trials and failures and having the ability to correct the mistakes that prevented one from achieving success in previous trials.

Having purpose in motivation simply means that you have a deeper meaning of what is driving you to accomplish any goal or task in life.

The purpose of motivation in learning.

The purpose of motivation in learning is the effort and energy a student puts by way of reading books, attending classes regularly, partaking in assignments, tests and exams etc. in order to come up top in each class and gets promoted to the next until he finally graduates with good grades.

Of course a student who lacks the purpose of motivation in learning will never be able to graduate from school with good grades.

The purpose of motivation in business.

The purpose of motivation in business is the ability to understand why you’re creating a particular business as well as gain the awareness of all the factors involved in the business and how yo connect them together and bring the business to reality.

Purpose of motivation in an organization.

Purpose of motivation in an organization is the level of commitment individuals are expected to contribute for the well-being of all which will b reflected in the overall success of the organization.

This means that each member in the organization must understand the role they need to play in order to move the organization forward, understanding that if one member fails on his own part, the organization might come to a fatal end.

The purpose of motivation in management.

Thee purpose of motivation in management is the ability for an organization to understand what they must do to enable their employees or members perform their expected roles which is needed to move the organization forward.

It is the purpose of motivation in management that drives the employees of an organization to work towards meeting their individual goals for the general well-being of the entire organization.

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