The Four Functions Of Motivation.

The Four Functions Of Motivation.

Motivation is generally the inner desire that drives a human being towards achieving a particular aim or goal in life.

But before one is able to achieve that aim or goal, there are certain processes that needs to be acknowledged and implemented, and in this article we have been able to identify four functions of motivation which I am going to take the time to explain for you.

The four functions of motivation.

The four functions of motivation are the desire, passion, practice and reward, and we are going to explain them in the order below.

1. The desire.

Motivation begins when an individual has something they are willing to get or achieve in life, hence “the desire” being the first function of motivation.

And it has been discovered that when one becomes successful the desire to achieve even more propels him to keep staying on top.

Naturally, everyone has the tendency of wanting to become successful in life, but often times failing to try and trying to fail causes so many to give up on pursuing their goals, and all this occurs because they did not have the desire to achieve what they seek out of life.

To most of us, failure is a stepping stone to success because it is the only time you will be able to spot the errors that brought about the failure and understand the ways of avoiding or preventing them when next you try.

But even with that, a desire for something is motivation in itself, because even if you have nothing or no one on the side to encourage you, you will still get up and try each time you fail.

2. Passion.

Once the desire to achieve something is in place, the next thing you will need in order to achieve your goal is the passion or drive to get on it.

This is why I always advice people to pursue a goal they are passionate about because there is nothing that will make you lac the motivation to keep pursuing that goal even after you have become successful in it.

For example, when I started my farming business with cultivating cucumber, I was very passionate about my crops growing and blooming in such a way that when the harvest draws to an end and the farm begins to become scanty I will start up a new cultivation so as to see the farm in shape again.


The desire and need to become successful will urge an individual to do the things that is necessary for him to achieve his goals.

For example, the desire to become a successful farmer must motivate you to clear your farmland in order to cultivate your chosen crops.

Thus, cultivating your choses crops in your farmland is the practical approach you must take in order to become a successful farmer.

Every goal in life has a practical approach that leads to success, and until you can implement them you will never be able to achieve success.

5. Reward.

Reward is the peak of motivation because it is the very reason why you got started in the first place.

Generally, money or financial ability is the reward that comes with every goal we seek to pursue in life, and once you get or make it you can go ahead to purchase whatever you need or desire in life.

Even the feeling of satisfaction when you are able to achieve is a reward in itself because it is going to bring that peace of mind you can never imagine.

Now the advantage of a reward as a function of motivation is that it will give you more and more motivation to keep on pursuing any other goal you wish to achieve in life.

This is the reason why companies tend to reward their hard working staffs or employees, because the desire to get more rewards will motivate them to work harder and all for the uplifting of the company.

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