15+ Best Freelancing Jobs In Demand Now.

Having the freedom to choose the kind of job that you always like to do and executing it at where and how you know how to do it best is something no one can ever deny.

The peak of it all is the opportunity to make so much money while working from the comfort of your home.

And nothing else but freelancing is the best way of remaining self-employed in an age where office employment is gradually diminishing.

Nowadays, it is easy for one to start and run a very big business by hiring freelancers to do all the necessary jobs that the business will require.

The good thing about freelancing is that most of these jobs require that you have a marketable skill with a computer or mobile phone that has an internet connection to make so much money online.

In this article, therefore, I am going to work you through the best freelancing jobs that are in demand now, and I promise to update this article with more of the best freelancing jobs I may discover later on.

So without much ado, let us get into this article.

15+ Best freelancing jobs in demand now.

Below are the list and explanation of 15+ best freelancing jobs that are in demand now:

  1. Graphics design.
  2. Website design.
  3. Content marketing.
  4. Photography.
  5. Videography.
  6. Freelance writing.
  7. Content writing.
  8. SEO specialist.
  9. Bookkeeping.
  10. Copywriting.
  11. Website development/management.
  12. Social media marketing.
  13. Mobile app development.
  14. Translator.
  15. Virtual assistance.
  16. Financial advice.

1. Graphics design.

Being a freelance graphics designer should not only stop at designing logos, artworks, flyers/posters, etc, for clients. You should be able to step up your game by seeing yourself as an entrepreneur who is running a big business, even though you do not own a very big office where you train or employ people.

You must be able to manage every aspect of your business on a daily basis. From operations to finances, marketing, client relations, and everything in between.

The most important aspect of becoming a freelance graphics designer is really figuring out how to start because if you want to become very successful and happy, you must be able to define your goals and set out the strategies for building your graphic design business.

2. Website design.

After the 2020 pandemic, lots of brands and even individuals have seen the need of taking their business and ideas online, and as a result of that the demand for website designers has been growing extensively.

Freelance web designers are the kind of web designers who are contracted to design a website for clients. This kind of designer is known to incorporate the client’s specifications to generate website pages as well as select visual elements to make the website look much more appealing to visitors.

Nowadays coding is no longer needed to design a website as there are millions of templates that you can install, activate and customize to your or the client’s preference.

3. Content marketing.

Content marketing is the art of creating and distributing original, relevant, and helpful content like blog posts, videos, newsletters, emails, social media posts, etc, to potential clients and customers.

The aim of content marketing is to help a brand or business not to only market and sell their products and services to potential customers but to also establish and nurture long-lasting relationships that will keep those customers patronizing their business for a long while.

So you can get started as a freelance content writer today and create content for brands and businesses who are on the look for one out there.

4. Photography.

Freelance photographers are self-employed professionals who are contracted to shoot professional photos for their clients.

Below are some of the areas of freelance photography you can specialize in:

  1. Events like weddings, dedications, graduations, etc.
  2. Movies.
  3. Musical videos.
  4. Documentaries.
  5. Wildlife.

As a freelance photographer, you can also provide other services like:

  1. Taking and editing pictures.
  2. Arrange props and camera equipment on set.
  3. Adjusting camera settings like the focus, shutter speed, aperture, etc.

You can check out my freelance photography portfolio HERE to have an idea of how to build one for yourself.

5. Videography.

Same as a freelance photographer above but the only difference is that while a freelance photographer handles photo shots a freelance videographer deals on video shots.

Many times, freelance photographers are also videographers, an example is myself and you can check out my portfolio from the link I gave above on freelance photography.

6. Freelance writer.

A freelance writer is someone who has exceptional verbal and writing skills and understands how to create content for digital platforms.

His main duty is to research, write, proofread, and edit the content that will help to establish the tone and image of a brand.

Unlike content writing which focuses on strategies and tactics to create content that will engage various customers or clients, the duty of a freelance writer is simply to create content.

7. Content writing.

As we mentioned above under freelance writing, a content writer is a strategic writer who is expected to research industry-related topics to write a clear marketing copy that will promote a company’s products and services.

As a content writer, you need to understand how to use a content management system to produce well-structured drafts you are going to showcase to any company that wants to hire your services.

8. SEO specialists.

An SEO specialist is a marketing professional who is capable of using keyword research and analysis to improve the ranking of a website on search engines like Google.

To achieve this aim, an SEO specialist looks up the most popular and relevant keywords people are using as queries on search engines and uses them as answer targets on blog posts in the hope that search engines will find those articles and display them on the web users.

It is one of the strategies several online businesses are using to market their products and services.

As a freelance SEO specialist, you can work for several digital marketing agencies that are looking for one.

9. Bookkeeping.

The duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper are to complete data entry, collect transactions, track debits, and maintain and monitor a company’s financial records.

They are also known to pay invoices, complete payroll, file tax returns as well as maintain office supplies.

There are several businesses out there that are looking for freelance bookkeepers and you can reach out to them once you are able to show them your skills and requirements.

10. Copywriting.

The job of copywriting is multifaceted, because of the need of companies and brands to communicate through every channel possible.

Thus, the duty of a copywriter is to create ads or marketing materials that are very clear and concise.

as a freelance copywriter, you will shoulder the responsibility of producing engaging, straightforward text that will be adapted to different advertising channels like websites or print ads.

To succeed in this job, you must be able to conduct keyword research to find the right titles that will help you create very interesting content for your clients.

11. Website development management

The duty of a freelance web development manager is to design and develop the front-end as well as the back-end of a website architecture, which includes its servers, APIs, databases, etc.

Sometimes, you will be given the responsibility of overseeing a web development project from start to finish, designing and developing the web architecture as well as providing guidance on any technical issue that might arise.

12. Social media marketer.

As a freelance social media marketer, you will be given the responsibility of organizing and running social media marketing campaigns for brands and companies over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.

Below are some of the typical responsibilities you are going to face when working as a freelancer in this field:

  • Promoting a brand’s products, services, and content on social media.
  • Scheduling social media posts.
  • Dealing with customers’ inquiries and interacting with them.
  • Developing new social media marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Running ads for brands on social media.
  • keeping track of data and analysis of your social media campaigns.

13. Mobile app development.

A freelance mobile app developer must be able to create software for phones and tablets, and to succeed in doing so you must be familiar with all the latest technologies in the mobile industry.

Aside from utilizing hardware contexts to optimize a mobile app performance, an app developer must also be able to deal with device fragmentation, which will involve working hand in hand with a designer to achieve giving the best user experience.

In more learned terms, an app developer must be able to perform both engineering and maintenance tasks.

Read more on how to develop a mobile app: How To Make Money Online By Creating An App.

14. Translator.

A freelance translator is a professional who is able to convert written or spoken language to another while still maintaining the original meaning, format, and tone.

To become successful in this field, you must be conversant with industry-related terminologies and be able to use specialized dictionaries and translation tools. And in the end, proofread your work for accuracy.

15. Virtual assistance.

A freelance virtual assistant is a self-employed individual who is professionalized in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location which is usually a home workspace.

Some of the typical tasks you are going to undertake as a freelance virtual assistant are:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Making and receiving phone calls.
  • Managing email accounts etc.

Other virtual assistants even offer other freelancing services like graphic design, bookkeeping, content writing, social media marketing, etc.

16. Financial advice.

A freelance financial adviser is someone who offers professional and strategic advice on financial products and services and in so doing helps clients to make an informed decision on how to utilize their money in the best way that will help them achieve their financial goals.

To succeed n this profession, you must be able to analyze your client’s overall financial picture, assess their needs, and use it to develop a customized financial plan that will guide them through their financial journey.

How to find a freelance job.

The first step to finding a freelance job is acquiring the required expertise and skills which you can either go for physical training or opt for an online course.

Below is the step-by-step guide to help you find a freelance job.

  1. Gain the required skills: All you need to get started with a freelance job is to get the required expertise and skills. You can either opt for offline or online training to get one.
  2. Clearly define and set your goals: I would advise you to target more than one type of graphic design service and above all else employ modern methods in those services.
  3. Create samples: Don’t wait until you land your first job to have samples of work you have done. Get started by creating several samples as they come into your head.
  4. Build a portfolio: When reaching out to potential clients it is your portfolio that will do all the talking so make sure you create a graphic design portfolio that showcases all the samples of design you have created.
  5. Know your price range: Check out what other graphics designers are charging and use their range to come up with your own pricing. Don’t set your price too high or too low so you won’t lose clients who will think you are being too expensive or that your service is a low grade that’s why they are cheaper.
  6. Market your freelance job: It is the marketing that is going to help you get clients, so you have to employ several advertising strategies that will help you reach out to potential clients.

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