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Taculia 9Ja website, is a platform that is bent on helping entertainers and entrepreneurs, advertise their products and services.

And also promote their creativity. For the purpose of attracting potential customers.

Advertise Your Business At Taculia 9Ja Website

Advertise Your Business

At Taculia 9Ja website, you can advertise your business and attract potential customers.

advertise on taculia 9ja
cheapest online music promotion

Cheapest Online Music Promotion

We all know how expensive it is to promote music online these days.

Because of that.

We have strategies we develop, in order to help us achieve the cheapest online music promotion.

Especially for artiste who cannot afford the much.

Upcoming Artiste Blog

Taculia 9Ja is more concerned about upcoming artiste.

Having been an upcoming musician myself, I understand the challenges you are going through to become superstars.

And for that reason, we have a website that helps upcoming artiste to promote their freestyle videos.

For the purpose of attracting sponsors and record labels, who may be willing to work with them.

Our Freestyle Video Mentor

Eventus Okon is a Blogger, Music Promoter, Web Designer, Cinematographer, Photographer and Entrepreneur. He is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State.
Eventus Okon

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