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Taculia 9Ja website, is a platform that is bent on helping entertainers and entrepreneurs, advertise their products and services.

And also promote their creativity. For the purpose of attracting potential customers.

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It is a known fact that the Nigerian music industry has grown so tremendously in just a short period of time.

Lots of young upcoming artiste are becoming superstars right before our very eyes, almost every other time.

But it is still sad to discover that, majority of upcoming artiste will never make it to stardom.

And this is because, they lack the basic skills and tech-know-how to make the kind of songs, that is appealing to millions of music consumers in Nigeria.


There are certain kinds of music that the Nigerian fans are consuming on a large scale.

And artiste who are making those kinds of music are sure to blow into the industry, as well as, remain there selling so much units.

They will also be performing in shows here and there making so much money.

I beg you to shun the misconception that, upcoming artiste are blowing into the music industry by luck or chance, rather, their style of music and professionalism paved way for them.

It might also interest you to know that, a good number of the so-called superstars have paid so much to hire people who wrote, edited as well as backed them up, to make those good flows you are listening from them.

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Cheapest Online Music Promotion.

We all know how expensive it is to promote music online these days.

Because of that.

We have strategies we develop, in order to help us achieve the cheapest online music promotion.

Especially for artiste who cannot afford the much.


📽️📹The freestyle video challenge is a continous weekly challenge on this platform. Which means, it happens 4 times a month.

What is freestyle video challenge?

Every Sunday, artiste who belong to this platform will make a Freestyle video and submit to their respective WhatzApp groups before 12 Midnight.

The best freestyle videos will then be selected, edited and promoted across all our social media platforms: Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube. As well as on our official website www.freestylevideoz.com.

Eventus Okon is a Blogger, Music Promoter/Advisor, Web Designer, Cinematographer, Photographer and Entrepreneur. He is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State.
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