Why You Must Promote Your Music Offline In Nigeria.

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This article will really help you to understand why you must promote your music offline.

Why Promote Your Music Offline In Nigeria?

In 2020, research shows that about 99 million Nigerians are currently using the internet.

And the figure is estimated to reach 131 million in 2023.

The percentage cut of internet users therefore stands at 46.6 in 2020.

And it is estimated to reach 65.2 in 2025.

Currently, Nigerian population stands at 207 million plus.

If you therefore subtract 99 million from the 207 million Nigerians, you will have about 108 million Nigerians who are currently not using the internet.

Which means that, if you are only focusing your energy on promoting your songs online alone. You are missing more than half of Nigeria’s population getting access to your music.

Yes! There are million of Nigerians who do not have the money to purchase a phone that can access the internet.

Most of them engage in a kind of hustle that robs them of time.

While a few just don’t care or see no need of using the internet.

For this reason, you need to strike a balance and promote your music offline, same way you are doing online.

How To Promote Your Music Offline in Nigeria.

Before you start thinking about promoting your music offline, the first thing you should do is prepare your promo materials.

Offline promo materials should be CDs. But in today’s world where everything seems to be stored digitally, mp3 format is another promo material you should have ready.

Thus, you should mass produce several copies of your songs on CDs, and also have the mp3 ready and available.

The reason is that it is this CD and mp3 file that you are going to drop in the places where you should promote your music offline.

Places You Should Promote Your Music Offline In Nigeria.

Radio/TV Stations. 

When trying to promote your music on radio and TV stations, the most popular approach is meeting DJ’s.

But while trying to do so, you should understand that the DJs are attached to specific programmes.

Therefore, if you want to meet them one by one to be playing your your song on their programmes, you will end up spending more money. 

Now the one person(s) that will ensure your music plays at any given time is the librarian.

The librarian is the person who organizes music that must be aired at any given time. 

DJs of course has the right to play any music of their choice on their programmes.

So while meeting them also meet the librarian and ensure you drop more copies of your CDs to them.

Alaba International Mix

The trick is to put your song in at least 20 Alaba International Mix. 

The mix comes out either once a week or so, so try and ensure your song is included in them.

Clubs, Drinking Spots, Super Stores, Restaurants etc.

These places have both their managers as well as DJs who oversees the songs that are played there.

So try and reach out to them and make your song available to be played there.

Local DJ’s

You should try and drop your songs to as many local DJ’s as possible. 

This should be DJ’s who are known to be compiling mix, as well as DJ’s who play in clubs, pubs, or general events.

Once your song is available to several DJ’s, you will be surprised at how far your music will be heard in public.

Banners, Flex, Posters, Flyers, Stickers etc. 

Get a graphic designer to design banners, flex, posters, flyers, stickers etc.

The links to where people can get your songs should be included on them.

Paste the banners and flex in strategic places and drop the flyers and stickers to people around.


Finally, do not allow the internet age to blind you to the fact that offline music promo has completely died out.

So while you are busy promoting your music online, you should also think of using the above strategy to promote your songs offline.


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