When Stupidity Is Considered Patriotism Quote 1

When Stupidity Is Considered Patriotism Quote.

I have for a long time now realized that if the leaders of a particular country understands the needs of the masses and feel for them, we won’t be having people in the society who are living from hand to mouth.

This kind of situation is predominant in the African society, where those who are voted to the position of authority tends to care less about those they are supposed to represent and guard.

Every society can only function when the leaders are able to make good decisions when it comes to managing the affairs of their country.

So when I stumbled on this quote about stupidity being considered patriotism, I thought it wise to evaluate it and help my readers understand how this is applicable in the society.

Thus in this article, we are going to

When stupidity is considered patriotism quote.

‘When stupidity is considered patriotism quote says: when stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent. ‘ Isacc Asimov.

When Stupidity Is Considered Patriotism Quote.

Who said when stupidity is considered patriotism?

As we can see from the quote above, Isacc Asimov is the one who said when stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.

When stupidity is considered patriotism meaning.

When stupidity is considered patriotism means that people are using the name of serving or supporting the country to do the things that ends up hurting the society at large.

On the other hand, some people do not consider others when doing things that should favor other citizens or the society at large.

I think Isaac Asimov was making this reference to the African society where the leaders embezzle so much funds to enrich themselves and family while those who supposedly voted them to that position are really suffering.

Take for instance, a new leader recently emerged in my country, Nigeria and removed the fuel subsidy which the government have been using to help the citizens meet up with their means of transportation.

All of a sudden the fuel price increased by nearly 80 percent and this gave rise to a surge in the economy which has brought untold hardship for the citizens.

Now the stupidity this president was making was believing in the fact that when he removes the subsidy, the money will be used to build refineries that will in turn bring down the price of fuel.

But after removing the subsidy, the leader was unable to succeed in building any refinery.

But when we analyze this instance, what the president would have done was to first and foremost build a refinery before attempting to remove the subsidy.

Now many people thought the subsidy removal by the president was for the good of the country, not knowing that he must have had other plans of enriching himself by removing the fuel subsidy.

One other thing this patriotic quote reminds me of is people who are not well-educated attaining positions of authority in the society while the well-educated ends with menial jobs that reduces their chances of becoming very wealthy in the society.

So when intelligent people discover how stupid people are being seen as the who-is-who in the society, they see their state of intelligent being at stake.

Check out what is ongoing in the social media today, so many people are coming out portraying fake lifestyles to become celebrities overnight.

I recently saw a podcast of a young Nigerian lady who claimed that a man must be able to send her five hundred thousand during talking stage and afterwards be able to pay her twenty million Naira before she can give her body to him.

The next thing that happened was every media house and content creator making a story out of it and before we know it, the young lady became a supposed celebrity overnight.

This goes to say that humans tend to celebrate negativity over things that are positive.

May God really help us.

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