In this article, I am going to use my experience so far in web hosting to reveal to you what makes a web hosting provider good in Nigeria.

It is a web hosting provider that determines the speed, reliability and stability of a blog or website.

And for that reason, it is very important to always make the right choice when it comes to settling for a web hosting provider.

And without mush waste of time, below are the 7 basic things that makes a web hosting provider good in Nigeria.

1. Speed.

Every blog or website needs to be optimized for speed because, as human being are generally impatience; they are likely going to abandon any blog or website that takes a longer period of time to load.

And when t comes to the speed of a blog or website, wen hosting providers play a very important part.

Therefore, it is very necessary to settle for a web hosting provider that will make your blog or website load with the recommended speed of 2 seconds.

2. Uptime.

Uptime can be defined as the percentage of time your blog or website is online.

It is estimated that an uptime of 98% will cause your site to be down for 6 days in one year.

And you know how that can affect your online business.

So when trying to settle for a web hosting provider in Nigeria, ensure that their uptime is at least 99.8% or even higher.

3. Security.

There’s nothing horrible than suffering to grow a blog or website for years and in the end it gets hacked; and you lost all the contents that was produced with so much hard work, time and money.

That is why you should take web hosting security very serious.

A good web hosting provider must have an automatic updates and malware protecting the sites of their clients.

And this can be evidenced in your host providing you with a free SSL (security) certificate.

4. Back ups.

A good web hosting provider must provide you with regular automatic back ups on your Cpanel.

This is what will help you restore your site with one click if it crashes.

5. Customer service.

A good web hosting provider must give you a 24/7/365 customer service response.

Most of those customer service must include phone calls, WhatzApp chats and other social chats integration, support tickets etc.

Make sure you don’t settle for host that charge extra for these services.

6. Storage and bandwidth.

Storage entails how much contents, images and data the host provider will allow you to share; while bandwidth is the amount of data that can flow through the server.

Both features will have great impact on the blog speed and number of visitors to the website.

Normally, you should get the highest storage and bandwidth, though this depends on the plan you can afford.

But ensure your host provider in Nigeria has the highest storage and bandwidth to offer.

7. Price.

As a matter of fact, the price you pay for web hosting will depend on your plan.

There are plans you are allowed to host a single domain, there are ones you host 3 and there are ones you can host unlimited domains.

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