What Is The Difference Between A Successful Person And Others? – Vince Lombardi.

What Is The Difference Between A Successful Person And Others - Vince Lombardi.

In this post, we are going to explain a quote by Vince Lombardi and it says “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Thought on this quote.

I was reading the story of one of the young hockey players on the Florida Panthers Team whose name is Rocco Grimaldi.

This guy is known to have made history as the shortest player to be selected in the NHL entry draft, standing at only five feet, six inches tall.

Given that professional hockey players are towering about six feet in height on average, Grimaldi’s lack of height has not prevented him from playing so well in the minor league to get the attention of the NHL scouts.

This example of Grimaldi echoes a strong affirmation that the champions are not always those who are big and strong.

Even in the entrepreneurial world, it has been observed that the most successful are usually not those with the biggest education.

Thus, we can ascertain the fact that the most successful people in various fields are not always those who are naturally gifted in strength or who acquire knowledge by way of education.

But what motivated them to succeed is a WILL.

How to apply this quote to your life.

When you are accessing your own life and goals, never feel down and out because you lack a few qualities like strength and knowledge.

Rather, stand tall in your willpower and do whatever it takes to become successful.

You can learn and take examples from great men and women, like Grimaldi we mentioned above; then whose will to succeed paved the way for them amidst the lack of the aforementioned qualities.

Michael Jordan was rejected at the age of 15 to play basketball because he couldn’t meet the required height

But today he is one of the biggest and most famous basketball players we have in the world.

Therefore, to apply this quote to your life; you must develop the will to be committed to your goals and work extra hard to make them manifest.

This then will compensate for any perceived shortcomings you might have when it comes to qualities.

A strong will enable you to endure setbacks and failures and persevere until you become successful.

Have a nice day!

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