What Is Motivation? And How You Can Be Motivated.

What is motivation and how you can be motivated

On this post we are really going to take a thorough look as what is motivation, as well as how you can be motivated.

What is motivation?

According to the dictionary, motivation may be defined as a reason or reasons to act in a particular way.

It is also a burning desire to do or accomplish something.

Anytime we have a goal to accomplish, we need a willingness or words that keeps us focused; and also helps us to improve our habits so we can gain greater results.

However, what motivates us yesterday or today could cease to motivate us tomorrow, or in the near future.

And for that reason, the term motivation keeps changing as our desires keeps drifting.

Therefore, motivation could be seen as the means of finding that force which drives or directs us within, to accomplish the goal or purpose we have at hand.

People who are motivated have a strong desire to try and accomplish things.

All they want is to make a difference, instead of sitting idly and expecting things to happen.

It is a known fact that those who usually succeed in life are those who don’t give up; no matter how hard the trial might seem or get.

And those who have high motivation will always prepare and put in maximum performance as a means of getting great results.

When you are passionate about a certain activity, you are easily going to be motivated to do it.

What motivation really means and how you can be motivated.

The truth of the matter is that, no one will really be able to push you into doing something, more than yourself.

The highest others can do is to encourage, support or inspire you. But you need that personal longing and physical effort to be able to accomplish it.

People who are motivated will exhibit the following traits or characteristics.

  1. They look up to the future with so much anticipation, and strategize on how to achieve their goals.
  2. Even though there would always be obstacles, motivated people use their fore-knowledge to overcome them.
  3. Problems may also arise, but instead of giving up, motivated people look for the solutions to those problems. And in so doing are able to solve them all and emerge triumphant.
  4. Motivated people do not entertain dissapointments and regrets, since they are always too busy working hard to get positive results.
  5. Positivity is in the nature of the motivated, infact, these kinds do not emit negative energies; because they always know that one way or another, sooner or later, things will always work out for good.
  6. Optimism always help the motivated accomplish any task, pessimism may raise it’s head but the motivated stands much more taller.
  7. People who are motivated know their directions, and even when distractions crosses their paths, they still forge ahead until they get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Confidence is another characteristics of those who are motivated. Even though they know their weaknesses; rather than consider it a yardstick, they look for ways to make up for it. And it is through this confidence that they are able to achieve their goals.
  9. The motivated person does not act on impulse, instead he studies, researches and acquires knowledge. They are not too proud to keep learning and consulting people and mediums who can provide them the knowledge they need to be successful.

Factors that drives motivation.

There are several factors that can help to drive the motivation in you.

Though it will depend on your goals and what stage you already are in life.

The following are most of those factors:

  • Dreams,
  • Ambition,
  • Money,
  • Status,
  • Power,
  • Self-esteem,
  • Opportunity,
  • Making a change or difference,
  • Proving a point.

How you can be motivated.

You can only be motivated if you are willing to succeed.

Looking for motivation simply means you are willing to put in your best in order not to ever loose, but to always win.

To gain motivation, you need to do the following:

1. Be willing to take risk.

A motivated person must face their fears in the face.

For instance, even though you know the crowd will not pay attention to you, you still go ahead to address them.

If you have worries, pains, troubles etc, instead of surrendering to them, engage them in a battle and absorb their energy to forge ahead.

2. Surround yourself with motivated people.

If you have motivated people around you, you will gain more motivation and a force to drive home your goals. Because positive people have the words that’ll raise your spirit.

On the other hand, keeping negative people around will reduce your energy level and cause you to always take the wrong actions.

3. Never procrastinate.

Don’t keep leaving till tomorrow what you need to do today.

Because your tomorrow will continue to be today, and before you know it, you’ll either outgrow your time or spend a life time not doing what you could have possibly done.

So whenever you conceived a plan take immediate action towards implementing it.

Device a strategy that will put you on the right path of doing what’s necessary to achieve those goals.

4. Take charge and act responsibly.

Keep focus on always being on top of every situation, but also understand what humility you need sometimes to come out on top.

If the need arises, serve first and study from there how you can become a leader, and when you finally do, you’ve known the ropes.

5. Be willing to take advice.

Oftentimes, it’s hard for us humans to deal with situations all alone.

And this is when the need calls for you to solicit and request for help.

But the homework you need to do here is studying how to approach and settle for the right persons.

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