What Does It Take To Succeed As A Freelancer?

What Does It Take To Succeed As A Freelancer

In this article, we are going to answer the question: what does it take to succeed as a freelancer?


Every freelancer is of the opinion that you need to have the skills and knowledge of delivering services in any industry you expertize in to your clients or customers.

But through personal experiences; plus watching the careers of other freelancers, I have come to realize that one must have a certain mindset if they hope to succeed as a freelancer.

Although experiences really matters; but based on the fact that we learn continously till our dying day, you will always be faced with situations that has never happened before. No matter how many years lie behind your blogging career.

The most important area you will be having challenges will be that of your clients or customers; since you will be dealing with people of different characters while treading the path of freelancing.

In this article therefore, I have stated and explained at most 3 of the mindset elements that will help to keep your freelance career on track, and in so doing help you succeed as a freelancer. Coupled with ideas that can help you build strenght in any area you have not yet made a part of the ways you approach your business.

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Be tenacious.

One of the things you are going to face in your freelancing career is rejection; nearly every freelancer has been rejected at one point or another in their career.

But you must not allow this to make you feel awful, as a matter of fact; you must be very tenacious when you are working towards the goal of running your career or business independently.

If a particular business opportunity is not fruitful, instead of wounding in one corner, go out there and scout for another new job.

Your goal is to move forward and ahead, and for this reason; never let any chellenges that come your way deter you from moving ahead to achieve your goals.

At other times, being tenacious will also be very important; for example when a customer you have delivered their work refuses to pay in time.

When this happens, you have to be tenacious on reminding them of the fact that they are owing you money and that you are expecting to be paid in time and as when promised.

However, pressurizing a client to pay is not a pleasant thing or idea, but then it has to be done because anyone who works must be paid as the holy book says.

If you are the kind that shies away from asking for what you earned, then you might consider on embarking on seminars or e-courses on assertiveness, negotiation or communicating with a client.

When you gain the basic skills in the above areas, you will find confidence in sending tough messages to customers if the need arises.

As a freelance, you need to be very consistent and wise when it comes to decision-making.

The areas you are going to concentrate your energy on is on how you’ll spend your time and resources, if you really want to succeed as a freelancer.

Decisive power.

At this point in time you should be fully aware of the fact that you are solely responsible for every single choice you make about your business.

And to be able to achieve this requires you to have a decisive power.

Every single day, you will have one decision or another to make on the directions you need to take; if you really want to push your business forward, as well as about the work you will be doing for your potential customers.

Your decisions needs to be made in a timely manner; and you must ensure you have a time table that you stick with.

If you are the kind of person who keeps changing your mind about what you are going to do next, keep it in mind that such people often lack self-confidence and usually have a hard time exercising a decisive power over their work.

But then, when you have your own decision making style; it will really go a long way in helping you to handle your business and clients as you should.

Never fall among the kind of humans who have to embark on a research; before they can decide on what they ought to do next. You just have to lighten up a little bit, or you will have other people always making decisions for you.

Also, it will do you so much good if you have someone who will act like a soundboard anytime you are caught up in decision-making.

An experienced freelancer who has had so much experience in the field can often make available the objective feedback on the available options on the decisions you need to make.

But it will pay so much if you can trust your instinct anytime the need to make decisions arise.

And this can be made perfect when you’ve mastered the art of decision-making; after gaining so mcuh years of experience as a freelancer.

Tolerating Risk.

Never you get to thinking that freelancing is free of risks. Because the list of potential disasters in freelancing is very long and exhausting.

One of the problem of freelancers is cash flow worries; which makes them have to chase clints all over the place for overdue money.

Juggling all those competing clients demands often give freelancers so mcuh headache and worries.

Many clients will always find it hard to meet up with their deadline commitments; and in so doing make you to work overtime in order to deliver a project on time.

Most times, you will have to loose some clients; and it wont necessarily be because you were unable to deliver the quality of work that was expected.

There are so many humans who can never get satisfaction on things they’ve paid others to do for them.

Some will even set and excuse or throw blames in order to cut away the agreed price or fee that was supposed to be paid.

And this is much of the reason why you should have a high degree of tolerating risk as part of your freelancing habits.

As a freelancer, there ae times so much work will cause you so much stress as well as sleepless nights. And if your tolerance risk degree is quite low, this will become so problematic.

But don’t worry, as time goes by and you gather so much experience in the freelancing field; you will be able to obviate at least some of the risk you are going to face.

For instance, always ask for a deposits after the price are negotiated; incase the client you will be working for is someone who pays slowly. And when it comes to paying late, always be prepared to fire clients who are fond of doing so.

But since tolerating risk is something you can build over time; you will gain more confidence when you succeed anytime at facing and conquering the perils that are sure to come your way.


Other answers to the question: what does it take to succeed as a freelancer? is that you must learn to have self-confidence, self-motivation and always be optimistic whenever you are freelancing.

But if you are able to develop and strenghten the 3 elements we have discussed in this article – Be tenacious, decisive power and tolerating risk – you will find it very smooth and rewarding it is to be your own boss.

Good luck!

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