What Are The Tips To Easily Get Google AdSense Approval In 2022.

What Are The Tips To Easily Get Google AdSense Approval In 2022.

This article will answer the question, what are the tips to easily get Google AdSense approval in 2022.

Getting Google AdSense approval in 2021 was never easy, but I think getting it in 2022 will be more harder; which means every blogger wishing to monetize their blog with Google AdSense needs to put in more effort towards optimizing their blog.

So in case you’ve been asking what are the tips to easily get Google AdSense approval in 2022, then this article is for you. And am not writing from assumption or research, but rather from my personal experience; revealing exactly the same steps I took before I was able to get approval for this very blog.

Below therefore are the tips that will help you to easily get Google AdSense approval in 2022.

1. Do not write contents others have written before.

There are scores of bloggers who depend on copy and paste, or re-writing contents that have already been published on other blogs.

If you are a newbie in blogging, avoid doing this; and if you are already a blogger fond of doing this, then you should not expect to monetize your blog with Google AdSense, even after 2022.

Copy and paste contents will make you fall a victim of plagiarism; while re-written contents will make your articles lack unique information.

So even if you’re doing research for any topic you will be writing on, ensure your original ideas supercedes the information you gather from your research.

That is why I always advise newbies in the blogging profession to chose a niche that represents their talents, occupations or area of expertise in life.

So instead of copying and scraping other peoples content, write your own unique article that is creative and useful.

2. Avoid sexual-related articles.

Sexual related articles, whether it is about relationships, nudity, foreplay or generally how-to sex contents are not eligible for Google Adsense.

Infact, one sex-related word or phrase on your blog can obstruct you from getting Google AdSense approval in 2022. So avoid everything or word that is sex-related on your blog articles.

3. Never write about celebrities or reviews.

Celebrities and reviews sites or blogs are normally considered to be very competitive.

So therefore, following celebrities on social media and writing about them, or generally reviewing celebrities articles that are already published on other blogs will prevent you from getting Google AdSense approval for your blog in 2022.

4. Don’t publish copy-writed materials on your blog.

Copy-writed materials may include audio or mp3 tracks, music videos or several of such materials that you embed from social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

5. Seldom change your blogs theme.

Many bloggers are fond of changing their blogs theme every now and then.

But if you want to get Google Adsense approval very fast, avoid changing your theme often; because it is one of those things that prevent blogs from being approved.

6. Research your keywords to get the best blog articles.

Even if you are already blogging for a niche you professionalize on, don’t just settle for article topics as they come into your head.

Make sure you do thorough keyword research to get the topics that will help you gain authority on your niche; as well as rank on search engines, so you can get the needed traffic that will hasten your Google Adsense approval.

7. Write at least 3 articles everyday.

Google expects you to have at least 40 articles on your blog before you submit it for their AdSense programme.

So even after you have your 40 articles and have submitted your site for review on Google Adsense, make sure you publish at least 3 articles everyday because this will notify Google of your blog being very active

Even after you get the AdSense approval, keeping this tradition will really help your blog to be active; and in so doing rank for several keywords on search engines.

8. Use Friendly Google AdSense themes.

The theme you use on your blog might just be one of the reasons you are not getting Google AdSense approval.

The reason is because, there are certain themes that are not properly optimized for SEO as Google recommends.

Below therefore are the Google friendly themes you should use on your blog:

  1. Mynote (that’s the theme that helped me to get AdSense very fast and am still using it)
  2. Cenote.
  3. Writers blogily.
  4. SEO writers blog.
  5. Blogrid.
  6. Write and read.

You can click on the links to get the complete list of things you should avoid if you want Google AdSense approval very fast as well as list of things you should do if you want Google AdSense approval very fast.


You can read about the Google AdSense programme policies via this link.


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