Ways To Monetize Traffic For A Blog Or Website.

Ways To Monetize Traffic For A Blog Or Website.

Blogging is a trade that generates so much income if only the blogger knows how to do so, in this article therefore I am going to show you the ways to monetize traffic for a blog or website.

What is monetization?

You will never be wrong if you immediately understand monetization as making money.

So to put it simply, monetization is an online term that refers to the act of making money on the internet.

What is traffic?

Traffic is also an online term that refers to the volume or number of people visiting a blog.

Therefore, monetizing traffic for your blog means you should have certain products or services that people can purchase directly or indirectly on your blog.

Consequently, to run or own a blog involves spending, and for that reason, bloggers must find a way of having a return on their investment.

Hence the need to monetize a blog.

And now that you understand what monetizing traffic means; let us quickly get to see those ways you can monetize traffic for your blog or website.

1. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the means by which products or services are promoted online for a commission which is tracked by an affiliate link.

To join any affiliate network, you must sign up or request an affiliate link that you will promote on your blogs or website.

The links are often generated as a URL that includes your tracking code or might be an HTML text you insert in your headers, footers, or widget areas to display banners.

Now what happens is that when people are clicking the link to engage with the advertised product or service, you will receive or be paid a commission.