[Video] Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko Seeks Help For Her Colleague Evan Okoro Who Is Currently In Danger.

Nollywood actress, Evan Okoro has taken to instagram to assert that some young men intend to kill over a movie she made by herself.

The actress took to her Instagram page where she shared a video of herself being beaten to the mash.

However, her fellow actress Destiny Etiko has looked for help for her, as she shouts out for her life being in peril saying a group wants to kill her.

Predetermination Etiko not realizing what to do to help Evan Okoro in the state she currently is now posted the video on her Instagram page after she was labeled by somebody looking for help for her partner so she wouldn’t be killed over a film.

Etiko herself appears to be not knowing precisely what is happening but rather chose to look for help for her partner first prior to attempting to discover precisely what is happening and why a few group need to kill her over her film ‘Bigo Madness’.

Watch video below.

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