It is a known fact that most countries in the world today are being faced with high level of unemployment, but looking at the turn of things we will realize that most people are gradually taking their business to the online community, and as we are approaching 2022 one must therefore look for a legit online business that pays daily.

1: Blogging.

With Nigeria having billionaires like Linda Ikeji as bloggers, it is therefore a fact that blogging is one of the too online businesses that pays in 2022.

As a blogger, you must first of all choose a blogging niche you are going to represent. And make sure it is a niche you know too well, not one that will require you to read and research wide before you can come up with one unique article.

After you’ve chosen a niche, the next thing is to build your own blog. Building a blog will require you to purchase a domain name, and also get a hosting provider.

Once your domain name and hosting provider is settled, you can go ahead to build your blog to your taste.

Gone are the days when one had to hire professional web designers to build their blog from scratch, as you can now use ready made themes and plugins to build your blog very easy and fast.

If you still can’t build a blog by yourself, then you can find a webs designer around or follow this link to contact a web designer from one of our online agencies.

2: Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a process where you can get goods online, re-advertise and put your own price, and when people click to order from you, you can then forward their contact details to arrange shipment bythe original owners without spending a dime on shipment.

To however succeed in this business, you must have your own online store, but it doesn’t mean you cannot still run your business on social media platforms, but you will meet certain restrictions though.

3: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process where you can make money online in 2022 by advertising and promoting other people’s goods and services online via an affiliate or refreal link.

And when people follow those links to do business with the owners, you will then earn a commission from it.

4: Starting an Agency

You can start a marketing agency as an online business in Nigeria and provide online marketing services to those who do not know how. Example of online marketing agencies you can start are:

Social media marketing and advertising agency, Search engine optimization (SEO) agency, PPC (Paid Per Click) agency, Branding agency, Web design agency, Content marketing agency

5: Forex Trading.

Forex trading is another top online business you can make money from in 2022.

It is a legit online trading or investment platform where you can stake money and make profit within a duration.

Though it is a long-term investment, if you can study the platform well, you will know the best shares to invest in and make huge amount of money within a set period of time.

7: YouTube.

YouTube is a free platform that can help you make money online in 2022 and beyond.

All you have to do is choose a niche, and make at least 3 relevant videos every week that has top notch keywords.

And once you can reach the minimum requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within a year, you will then be accepted into their monetization programme and start earning as people are watching your videos.

8: Freelancer

Freelancer business is a very lucrative online business you can earn from in 2022.

A freelancer is an online expert who is hired to work on or complete a specific project, service, or task by the client (or conventionally the employer).

As a freelancer, you are capable of working on a variety of projects for different clients at different locations at the same time.

Below are some of the services you can render as a freelancer:

Content Writer, Graphic design, Language translation, Website design, Bookkeeping, PowerPoint expert, Programmer, WordPress expert, Video editing, Proofreading & Editing.

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