Top 20 Ways To Promote Music For Free In Nigeria In 2022.

Top 20 Ways To Promote Music For Free In Nigeria In 2022.

When we are talking about the top 20 ways to promote music for free in Nigeria in 2022, we mean the sources you are going to use for music promotion that will involve no expenses.

And on this article, we are going to be very specific in revealing to you the top 20 Ways to promote your music for free in Nigeria in 2022.

And without much ado, let’s jump into this article right awa.

Top 20 ways to promote music for free in Nigeria in 2022.

1. Make good music.

Top 20 Ways To Promote Music For Free In Nigeria 1

If you want to get the best out of your music promotion, make sure you are making good music.

Avoid making music with a downloaded beat, as well as using a phone app to record the music you are going to promote.

2. Use high quality album cover.

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Your cover design is very important when it comes to music promotion.

It’s unfortunate that so many upcoming artiste use their phones to make cover designs.

I bet you that no one will look at those scrappy cover design twice, talk less of clicking to listen to your music.

So make sure you hire a professional graphics designer to give you high quality cover design.

3. Give out songs for free download.

You should have your songs online for free download.

And since we are dealing on how to promote your music for free, you should look for free platforms that will allow you to upload your music and share the links.

4. Share your songs on social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms are the best places that will allow you to share your music for free.

Though social platforms like facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc will not allow you to upload your audio tracks directly.

You can use viral videos that has your music playing in the background and add the link on ye description area.

5. Upload and promote your songs on Audiomack.

Audiomack is a free music platform that will allow you upload and share your music for free.

You can sign up today for a free account and utilize the platform for your music promotion.

6. Use Audiomack playlist.

Submitting your songs for trending and playlists on Audiomack is a great way to promote your music for free.

You can follow this link to check the requirements for the submission of your trending and playlisting.

7. Promote with viral videos.

It shouldn’t necessarily be a viral video you shoot by yourself.

The trick is to download any viral video like comedy skit, or football clips, cut out the audio and add your song.

Then upload the video and caption your song title and name with that of the main viral video and upload it to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etc.

8. Drop free CDs or MP3s in clubs, pubs, eateries etc.

Mass produce few copies of your songs on CDs and drop in all the clubs, pubs and eateries around your town.

Some of them will require it as MP3, so you transfer it to them or even buy a memory card and give it to them.

You can do this through the DJs or whoever is responsible for sound in such places.

9. Never underestimate your local DJs.

Top 20 Ways To Promote Music For Free In Nigeria 3

Your local DJ who plays in events is one of the top 20 ways to promote your music for free in Nigeria.

So go out there and meet them, and promise them a shout out on your next new song or you can do a DJ skit for free and give to them.

This will make them more than happy to play your music anywhere they are DJying.

10. Perform in live gigs.

Top 20 Ways To Promote Music For Free In Nigeria 4

All those shows happening in your locality; especially in festive periods, is a great opportunity you can use to promote your music for free in 2022.

You can always print few copies of your CD’s with your contact details boldly printed on it and give them out to people while performing on stage.

So go out there and scout for shows.

11. Harness the power of online challenge.

Online challenge is ongoing every now and then.

So you can make videos that corresponds with your song and use the challenge hashtag to make it reach people who might like it.

12. Use comedy skits to promote your music for free.

You can shoot an interesting comedy skit that describes your music and use your music as a soundtrack.

Upload the comedy skit online and add the link to where people can download the full song.

And those who like the comedy skit will definitely download and listen to your song.

13. Collaborate with other upcoming artiste and share fanbase.

Most upcoming artiste have lots of followers on social platforms.

So scout for these kinds and request a promo for promo, and make sure you promote his music as well.

14. Reach out to social media influencers.

Though this technique usually costs so much money but there are basic tricks you could employ to attract a social media influncer who can promote your music for free.

You can follow link to learn about those tircks: How to get influencers to promote your music for free.

15. Build a team and delegate tasks.

You can gather your close friends and family members into building a team and delegating task to each member, and this will help them spread the word about your music.

When building the group make sure you apply to everybodies interest in the group as well as send shout outs or mention them in your songs; and this will make more than excited to work for and with you.

16. Get your songs on DJ mixes.

dj mix

In our own days, Alaba int’l was the number one spot where you could put your songs on DJ mixes and increase your chances of blowing into the music industry.

Lots of the big artiste from the days of music in Nigeria became popular via this method.

And today, we have several popular DJ’s who are promoting their mixes online and getting massive plays.

So try to look for and connect with these kinds and talk them into helping add your music to their mix.

Some of them may ask for some money, but shun them and roll with those who will agree to do it for free.

17. Use bulk SMS.

use bulk sms

Bulk SMS is another way you can promote your music for free in Nigeria.

The most popular one you can use is Smars SMS.

Using this method will involve you collecting random phone numbers, and sending them notification messages with link to where they can listen and download your music.

18. Do street promo.

Since you are going to promote your music for free; you will need to avoid renting a car with instruments to go about making the usual noise, and do the rag style used by the university students.

Gather your crew,a and if you have printed materials let everyone wear it.

Now go out to the streets and start telling everyone about your music and how they can get to listen and download it.

19. Use family members and friends.

Tell your familymembers and friends to tell others about you music.

Ensure they have the music in their phones where they can transfer to those who will care to collect it.

20. Oral tradition is still relevant.

Oral tradition is the art of telling everybody everywhere about your music.

You and your crew can do this.

Because when a friend tells a friend who tells a friend who tells a friends who tells a friend etc. soon the word will be out everywhere that you have released a new music.


I know you want to promote your music for free because you are not financially sound, but there are also platforms you can promote your music for a little sum of money and still get great results.

You can learn about it on this article: Cheapest And Affordable Online Music Promotion In Nigeria.

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