Top 10 Ways To Get Audiomack Followers And Streams.

Top 10 Ways To Get Audiomack Followers And Streams.

In this article, I am going reveal to you the top 10 ways to get Audiomack followers and streams.

And without wasting much time, let’s get into it.

1. Make good music.

The very first step to getting followers and streams on Audiomack is to make good music.

Because if your music is not good enough, no one will dare to listen to you twice; or even play your track to the end.

Especially in this digital era where making music has been simplified to using phone.

An act that has caused so many upcoming artiste to destroy their career, before it even starts.

So instead of trying to use a phone to make music, you can set aside a little budget, buy studio equipments and set up a small home recording studio.

And with the many benefits of your own home recording studio, you can make high quality music production.

And when your good music gets on Audiomack, you will be surprised at the number of followers and streams you will have.

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2. Sign up for an Audiomack account.

Before you ever think of getting followers and plays on Audiomack, you need to sign up for an Audiomack account.

Because that will allow you gain access to the Audiomack app or platform.

2. Upload and promote your songs on Audiomack.

The reason you are on Audiomack is to promote your music, and it is from that promo that you will begin to gain the followers who will in turn play your songs.

And good enough you’ve been able to make good music; so it’s about time you upload those songs to your Audiomack account.

4. Complete account information on your profile.

There are people who are fond of checking out people’s profile on social accounts before they decide to follow them; Audiomack users are nevertheless.

So give these kinds the reason to follow you and play your songs by ensuring you complete all the necessary information on your Audiomack profile.

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5. Use high quality and relevant images.

Don’t use those photos or cover designs you snap or design with your smartphone.

Rather go for a studio session (this doesn’t cost a fortune) take those cool and edited photo shots; then have a graphic designer make professional cover designs for you.

Then throw those images on your account to make it look classy.

You never can tell the number of people who are moved by images to follow an account on Audiomack, as well as play songs.

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6. Add genre and hashtags to your tracks.

Genres and hashtags makes music identification on Audiomack very easy.

Moreover, it will make your tracks searchable for listeners to conveniently find and listen to it.

8. Categorize your tracks.

If you are uploading too many tracks it will cluster your account and this might confuse your potential followers and listeners.

And for that reason, you need to categorize your tracks, and you do it according to your genre.

Make sure you keep different sections for a specific style of music, so that listeners can sort them out easily.

9. The lenght of your track also matters.

Music released in this digital age do not usually exceed 3 mins, and some are just 2 mins.

This is happening because you want to give listeners a little time to finish listening to you, and if they love the music then they can replay it.

And this in turn will help Algorithm to push out your songs for others who do not follow your account, and listening to your music can make them do so.

10. Verify your Audiomack account.

That little yellow ✓ watermark behind your account is the reason why so many people will follow your account and play your song.

Since it will show that you are professional artiste knowing you’ve had all it takes before you are able to verify your account.

Therefore, ensure you verify your Audiomack account if you want to more followers and plays.

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