The reason for writing quotes

The Reason For Writing Quotes.

I know you are not just stumbling on this quote, rather you came across it because you are seeking to know the reason for writing quotes or why people write quotes.

In this post therefore, I will try my best to help you understand why people write quotes as well as show you different types of quotes where you can choose from for any particular situation you might find yourself in at any given point I time.

But before we get started with knowing the reason for writing quotes, let us first and foremost see the definition of a quote.

The definition of a quote.

A quote is simply the citation of famous words spoken, written or sang by a noteable figure or hero in the society.

Some people usually think that quotes are only words from motivational speakers or famous authors, but I want to let you know that quotes cut across every sphere of human endeavor in life.

Even you that is reading this post could write a quote, so long as it will help others to learn what they need to at the particular time.

Why people write quotes.

People write quotes because they want to share their knowledge or experience as a means of motivating or inspiring others.

Thus, it is intended that when you are feeling sad, depressed or even tired, reading a quote that aligns with your subject matter will motivate you to become positive and pursue your goals.

Different types of quotes.

The different types of quotes are listed and explained below:

  1. Direct quotes.
  2. Epigram.
  3. Idiom.
  4. Mantra.
  5. Epitaph.
  6. Witticism.
  7. Motto.

Direct quote.

A quote is said to be direct when you pick a text directly from a source without changing anything. It is used when you are trying to summarize a point you are trying to make precisely.


Epigram is a quote that comes in the form of a poem, and it is used to make a comment about a particular person, an idea or a thing.


An idiom is a kind of quote written in a hypothetical or figurative manner and does not seem to align with the literal meaning of what someone is trying to say.

For example, “he kicked the bucket” does not literally mean that the person kicked a bucket rather it means that he has died.


Mantra is simply a religious, mystical and spiritual quote that is often repeated during religious exercises.

It originated from Buddhism and Hinduism.


Epitaph is a type of quote that is attributed to dead people. It is often regarded as tribute written in honor of a deceased.


Witticism is simply a funny or humorous quote which is intended to make people laugh.


A motto is a short and memorable quote which serves as a rule or principle which an individual, family or institution is expected to live by.

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