The Quote About Staying On Top.

Everyone are yearning to get to the top but one thing they fail to realize while doing so is how they are going to sustain when they finally get there.

That is why you see so many people in life moving from grass to grace and immediate fall back to grass.

For this reason, I thought it wise to use this quote about staying on top by Pat Summitt to teach my readers how to stay on top when they finally make it there, or even if they are already there.

The quote about staying on top.

The quote about staying on top says: It’s harder to Stay on top than it is to make the Climb. Continue to Seek new goals. This quote was written by Pat Summitt.

Why staying at the top is difficult.

Staying at the top is difficult because of the responsibilities and oppositions that come with it.

Once you get to top, lots of people, both family members, friends and even people in be society will be looking up to you for their source of livelihood.

Other responsibilities like hiring and paying staffs to work for you will crop up, and even if it’s a government parastatle, you will have to rule over so many people who are working under you.

Concerming oppositions, once you get to the top in any vocations in life, you must near it in mind that there are so many others who are eyeing that same position. And because of this hate and envy will stem from their hearts and propel them to look for ways of bringing you down.

It is worth noting that this opposition will always come in two phases: spiritual and physical. Some persons might want to put the physics first, but a always of the believe that the spiritual precedes the physical.

However, i know ty so many people do not believe in the existence of spiritual powers, but my holy scriptures help me to understand that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and wickedness in the heavenly places.

How to stay on top.

Below are some of the ways you can stay on top:

  1. Seek spiritual help.
  2. Trust no one.
  3. Rest often.

Seek spiritual help.

The first step to staying on top is to seek spiritual help or guidance.

Seeking spiritual help will depend on your religious sect, but if you are a Christian like myself, the spiritual help you should seek is through prayers and fasting.

This means that when you are on top, you should pray and fast often to ask for God’s protection.

Trust no one.

When you are on top, one of the things you must not do is to trust someone, talkless of people. But this does not mean you should be hostile with people, rather in as much as you are friendly with everyone, ensure you avoid actions that will make you wholly depend on them.

Rest often.

I know it’s hardwork that brought you to the top, but for Christ sake always take sometime off to rest by taking vacations and going somewhere you will enjoy yourself.

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