“The Most Important Thing I Do Each Morning Is Steady Myself… – Matthew Weatherley-White’.

 “The Most Important Thing I Do Each Morning Is Steady Myself... - Matthew Weatherley-White'.

Today we are going to explain a quote by ‘Matthew Weatherley-White‘ and it says:  “The most important thing I do each morning is steady myself by not allowing a sense of urgency to penetrate.”


One thing I recently realized is that any work I do in a rush will always end me with one mistake or the other.

A few days ago, a man I mass-produced 100 CDs for returned them because there was an error in his cover design.

I did not include all the details for the song title as well as the man’s phone number.

And this is one of those urgent work being used to doing.

Related: “Perseverance Is Failing 19 Times And Succeeding The 20th.” – Julie Andrews.

Even though I resolved a long time ago that I will not do any urgent work for customers again; I still find myself doing it and every time ends with a mistake or another.

So the result of urgency I have discovered in my life is mistaken.

And if you are a business person, it might affect your customer relationship.

Because they will think you cannot deliver a perfect job, and look elsewhere.

That is why you should steady yourself today and avoid any urgency.

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