“The Ladder Of Success Is Best Climbed By Stepping On The Rungs Of Opportunity.” – Ayn Rand

The Ladder Of Success Is Best Climbed By Stepping On The Rungs Of Opportunity. - Ayn Rand

This day we are going to explain a quote by Ayn Rand which says: “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.”.

Thoughts on this quote.

First, let’s look at the word “rungs”.

Rungs are horizontal support for a person’s foot on a ladder.

It is placed there so that the person who wants to climb the ladder will have additional support, and in so doing prevents a fall.

Now let’s also look for the meaning of the word “opportunity”

Opportunity is a set of circumstances or time that enables a human to do something, and most importantly succeed in it.

Opportunities to achieve whatever we want in life come to us in many ways and times, but the problem is how to recognize or realize them.

Because until we are able to quickly do that, then we are likely never going to succeed.

Most times we are not even ready for the opportunity when it presents itself, and so it idly passes by.

But what’s real is that someone else who is ready will immediately grab that opportunity.

As a matter of fact, the reason why most opportunities slip from us is the lack of support.

That’s why our quote writer says that to succeed one must step on the rungs of opportunity.

That is to say one must have support.

The support can come in various ways, depending on what is required to make the opportunity successful.

It could be financial support or even a motivational quote that we need to make good use of an opportunity.

Therefore, whenever you are able to recognize an opportunity, make sure you seek support that is going to help you succeed in it.

What’s our motivation for today?

Our motivation for today is to always be able to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

And above all else, always look out or seek support that will enable us to succeed in that opportunity.

Have a nice day!

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