The Best Way To Go Viral On Snapchat.

Without much ado, the best way to go viral on snapchat is to use the snapchat spotlight, and on this article I am going to give you the basic tips for using snapchat spotlight effectively.

Tips for succeeding on Snapchat Spotlight.

Review your snap.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that before you submit any snap to Spotlight, take the time to review your snap and make sure it is good enough sothey would accept and publish it.

Use Hashtags

I recommend using as many relevant hashtags as possible on each content. You are free to add up to even more than 100 hashtags on a Spotlight submission, but ensure you dont go overboard.

Note that videos that are submitted with unrelated hashtags stands a higher chance of being rejected.

The basic hashtags you should use are:

Use hashtags that corresponds to your video, for instance if it’s a comedy, then you use hashtags related to comedy.

Secondly use hashtags that are popular. You can find popular hashtags by typing a keyword in the search bar, and watch hashtags that are auto-populated from the search results, and pick the ones that are on top.

Use native Snapchat text or other Snapchat features.

When you add native snapchat text to your videos, it is going to provide additional context for your video in the Spotlight algorithm.

Most of the videos you see in the Spotlight feed have Snapchat text added, or they use other native Snapchat features.

Avoid over producing your content.

This method is going to favor those those who capture viral moments on camera as well as creative content creators.

Contents that are overproduced do not seem to get featured prominently in the Spotlight feed, so avoid 9ver producing your contents at all cost.

All videos must be vertical and maximum of 60 seconds long.

Make sure you shoot your videos in vertical mode and keep it a maximum of 60 seconds long.

Don’t disqualify yourself.

Your content moderation should be done only on snapchat, don’t use outside music, copyrighted footage, TikTok® logos, Instagram fonts, Boomerangs, or identifiable Superzoom effects.

Because if your content is easily identified as content made for another platform, it will most likely be rejected.

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