The Best Plugins Used In Recording Studios In Nigeria.

The Best Plugins Used In Recording Studios In Nigeria.

Now after setting up your small home recording studio, there are basic plugins you should be using to achieve your high quality music production, which means you need to know the best plugins used in recording studios in Nigeria.

To be really honest with you, there is no best plugins used for making music in Nigeria; it will all depend on how good, and above all experimental the producer is.

Yes! A music producer must be willing to experiment with plugins. And even at times step on boundaries or break the rules of the manufacturers, to achieve an out of the world sound that has never been heard before.

But as a music producer, I will try as much as possible to point out few of the plugins I have personally used.

But I will not give you any instructions on how to use them, because I expect you to experiment with them as you want.

I am going to break this plugins down into 3 categories: Synths, effects and mastering plugins.

1. Synths plugins.

Synths plugins are those plugins that will enable you create sounds from scratch, or sometimes used samples.

The following are synth plugins used by most producers in Nigeria:

  • Steinberg hypersonic.
  • Steinberg ravity.
  • Nexus 2.
  • Luxonix Purity.
  • Tone 2 series (Gladiator and Saurus).
  • Battery tones.
  • Rob Pappen series (RG, Predator, SubBoomBass)
  • Harmor from image line.

As I said earlier, there is no rule of thumb for using this plugins, it will all depend on how smart you will be to tweak them.

2. Effects plugins.

Effects such as equalization, reverb, delay, compression, gates/expansion and stereo enhancement are used to achieve clarity for both the instruments and vocals.

Below are the effects plugins commonly used by producers in Nigeria.

  • Waves collection, includes varieties of effects for compression, reverb, delay, equalizers etc.
  • Oxford collection, also includes equalizers, reverb, compression etc.

3. Mastering plugins.

After you are done with the recording and mixing of your song, the last thing you are going to do is to master it to improve its quality and overall loudness.

  • Wavelab from steinberg
  • Ozone from Izotope
  • T-Racks from IK Multimedia.

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