The Best Email Marketing Agencies.

The Best Email Marketing Agencies.

In this article, you are going to learn about the best email marketing agencies you can use in 2022 to succeed in achieving your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has been around for ages, and almost everyone is using email to spread the word about their business in one way or another.

But the problem is that most of the people you are trying to reach already have their email addresses working. And for that reason, you will have to get most of them to use those email addresses to sign up for your services.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to make so much money; if you are able to get in and stay in people’s inboxes.

Research has it that companies are capable of generating at least $38 for every single email they invest in.

Unfortunately, getting in and staying in people’s emails will require so much effort and hard work on your part. That is why you should save yourself the stress and get an email marketing agency to help you in 2022.

Email marketing agencies are going to help you set email marketing strategies, collect relevant email addresses, and create as well as manage email marketing campaigns that are capable of helping your business to grow beyond your wildest imaginations.

Let me now reveal to you the best email marketing agencies you can use in 2022.

1. Neil Patel Digital.

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Neil Patel Digital is one of those email marketing agencies that understand the need of using killer content to engage prospects and attract them to your business.

In other words, Neil Patel will help you to write killer emails contents that will correspond with your prospects and convert them to customers.

Thus, one area Neil Patel stands out from the crowd is the ability to create quality and amazing contents that will have your subscribers reading your emails and taking the necessary actions.

This email marketing agency understands that email is an excellent channel for content distribution, and that’s why they ensure they will produce engaging contents that your potential customers and prospects will love.

2. Fix My Churn.

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Fix My Churn is an email marketing agency that specializes in creating excellent email onboarding sequences that will convert new trial sign-up users to happy paying customers.

And if an existing customer stops using your product or tries to churn; this marketing agency will help you retain them with relevant churn emails.

This email marketing agency also collaborates with tech companies that have a monthly subscription business model. 

They also apply top-notch SaaS copywriting skills to craft relationship-based email sequences that is capable of keeping your customers happy.

3. Inbox Army.

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InboxArmy is highly recommended for in-house teams who are looking for a turnaround in their rapid email marketing campaigns.

As a full-service email management agency; InboxArmy offers a spectrum of services, which includes email template design, custom coding, and 360-degree email marketing management.

This email marketing agency uses its experience to offer volume-based pricing for companies; and white label services and even fellow digital marketing agencies.

Their clients range from government agencies like Texas Health Resources, to companies such as LandCentral, Airbnb, and Jockey, amongst others.

4. SmartMail.

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SmartMail is one of the best email marketing agencies that is highly recommended for e-commerce businesses. 

This agency handles everything about email marketing for online stores using automated triggers.

When it comes to strategizing and executing optimized email marketing campaigns for e-commerce businesses, SmartMail is truly exceptional.

This fact can be seen in their track records that have excellent results.

5. Action Rocket.

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Among the best email marketing agencies in 2022, Action Rocket needs no introduction.

This agency has even partnered with the top email marketing software like MailChimp, Litmus, and Campaign Monitor to drive innovation in the email space. 

For several years now; Action Rocket has been strategizing and executing custom HTML and CSS email and CRM development programs for several enterprises.

This agency was founded in 2011; and they have a knit team of experienced developers who are excellent at strategy, design, and coding of complex and customized email programs.