The Best Blog Hosting Sites.

The Best Blog Hosting Sites.

This article will aim to reveal the best blog hosting sites you can use to host your blog.

Blogging is one of the professions that has really come to stay on earth.

Because aside from giving you the opportunity to share your ideas with others; it will also give you the opportunity to make so much passive income working from home.

Thus, there are so many good reasons why you should think of starting a successful blog.

Even if you are running a business website; you can use your blog as a marketing tool to drive organic traffic to your blog and increase your sales.

And when it comes to building your own blog, there are 2 basic things that are involved, and they are:

  1. Get your own domain or website name.
  2. Having a host to store your files and data and makes them accessible on the web.

This article however will focus on the latter; hence, I will try as much as possible to show you the best blog hosting sites in 2022.

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of blogging sites existing online that you can choose from, and this wide variety of choices always makes it harder to decide which one to use.

Therefore, the trick to choosing a blog hosting site lies in understanding what you should look for in them.

Factors to consider when choosing the best blog hosting site in 2022.

Before you decide on using any blog hosting site, there are several factors you must take into consideration.

Below are some of those factors:

  1. Pricing: When it comes to choosing the best blog hosting site, considering their pricing is very indispensable. Even though your choice will end up fitting within your budget; you must also be certain the service you are getting meets up with your present blogging need. A free offer will do you no good; if it is unable to provide what you need for your blogging career.
  2. Easy to set up and manage: As a beginner, you will need a blog hosting site that is very easy to set up and manage; which means you must avoid hosting companies that will require you to use coding skills to run.
  3. 24/7 customer support: It is likely that you will run into some problems or issues; when just starting out your blogging career. And for that reason, you need to choose a blog hosting site that will always be there to guide you around. So make sure your blog hosting sites have 24/7 customer support; which will include a social chat integration And a quick response customer support ticket.
  4. Extendability options: Over time, your blogging needs and requirements will change drastically. You might need to switch your overall design or add more attractive features. As a result of this, you must ensure your blog hosting site is able to provide all you need for an upgrade or extendability.
  5. Maintenance: Your blog hosting site must be able to handle some of the maintenance work on your site. For instance, using a security and caching plugin to keep your site safe from malware and optimized for speed.
  6. Monetizing options: One of your aim in starting a blog is to make a passive income working from home. And so you will need to use several monetizing features on your blog. So be sure your blog hosting site is able to create such an environment for you.

However, weighing the above factors, and others not mentioned; will differ greatly depending on your skills, requirements, and goals.

But keeping them in mind will really help you choose the best blog hosting sites to host your blog in 2022.

And having used several blog hosting sites in my blogging career so far, I will recommend the best ones below for you.

And even though I will earn a commission if you follow any of these links to buy a blog hosting for your site; I have personally used and studied these blog hosting sites and assure you of their services.

Best global blog hosting sites in 2022.

1. Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies recognized globally.

Their hosting plan starts at $2.95 per month and you will pay $8.99 after the first term.

The shared hosting plan is very great for an average website or blog.

But if you are looking for more scalability, the Managed WordPress plan is a good option and it starts at $9.95 on the first term and $19.95 when you want to renew.

You can CLICK HERE to visit this hosting company.

2. InterServer.

InterServer is a very versatile provider that offers both standard and ASP.NET hosting.

This company also offers managed WordPress and Cloud VPS.

Their pricing starts from $2.50 per month for the standard first term.

And renewal will cost you $6 per month.

ASP.NET starts at $8 per month.

You can CLICK HERE to visit this web hosting company.

Best blog hosting sites in Nigeria in 2022.

If you are however staying in Nigeria, you may choose to host your website with a web hosting provider in Nigeria.

But before you do so you can read the article to understand How To Get Cheap Web Hosting Providers In Nigeria.

And below are the best web hosting providers in Nigeria.

1. DomainKing NG.

DomainKing is one of the best and leading web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Their services are affordable and they have lots of freebies.

You can host your website on this platform for as low as 450 Naira per month.

If you dismiss this company as another cheap web hosting you will be wrong.

Their entry-level plan comes with free SSL (which is good for SEO) and a free domain throughout the term you made payment.

If you need more resources and very faster servers, you can opt-in for their 933 Naira per month plan or a 2,000 Naira per month plan.

If you need a blog on WordPress, DomainKing has a couple of plans starting at 533 Naira.

You can CLICK HERE to visit this web hosting company.

2. TrueHost NG

TrueHost is another leading web hosting company in Nigeria.

One unique thing about TrueHost is that the company offers both yearly and monthly plans, which can make things very easy for people who work under a tight budget.

The entry-level plan called Aspire costs 300 Naira monthly.

This web hosting plan offers 30GB storage and 10GB of bandwidth.

This hosting company offers plans going from 600 to 2,800 Naira yearly offering from 2GB to unlimited storage and 10GB to unlimited bandwidth.

You can CLICK HERE to visit this web hosting company.

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