The 7 Important Types Of Motivation.

7 important types of motivation

In this article we are going to look at the 7 important types of motivation, we really hope you utilize them and stay motivated both now and always.

1. Attitude Motivation.

Attitude motivation expresses itself in the way people think and feel.

It entails how a human being can have confidence in himself, believe in himself as well as their general attitude towards life.

This kind of motivation describes how we react to the past and feel about the future.

2. Incentive Motivation:

Incentive motivation happens when a team or person receives a reward for a particular activity or game.

This is often referred to as “you do this and you get that”, type of attitude.

In this type of motivation, it is the rewards and prizes that usually drives people to work more harder.

For example, a boss can motivate his workers to work harder by giving bonus or award every end of the year.

3. Fear Motivation.

It is fear motivation that propels people to act against their will.

Fear motivation is spontaneous if geared towards a positive direction, because it seems to help people get their work done immediately, or over certain rules.

For instance, the fear of getting burnt in hell is the reason why so many Christians act religiously.

4. Achievement Motivation.

Achievement motivation is the motivation that drives human towards pursuing and achieving their goals.

An individual who is motivated in this way tends to achieve their set goals and in so doing climb up the ladder of success in life.

It is worthy to note that unlike incentive motivation where humans are forced to act because of a reward, achievement motivation is simply the urge to succeed even when there is no price tag

5. Affiliation Motivation.

People with affiliation motivation will always only perform their work better when they are being recommended.

These kinds want to hear that they are making progress or doing better before they could achieve anything.

Criticism is the only enemy that deprives this kinds of achieving their set goals, bacause should someone ever make a bad remark about their goals, they will give up and quit immediately.

6. Competence Motivation.

The zeal to be good at something is what allows this kind of individual to perform high quality work.

Persons with competence motivation seek mastery in their job, take pride to develop and use their problem-solving skills to strive and be creative whenever they are confronted with obstacles.

These kinds will always learn from their mistakes, and utilize their experiences to become successful.

7. Power Motivation.

Power motivation is the drive to influence people and change situations.

Persons who are power motivated will create an impact on their organization because of the risk they are willing to take in order to lead.

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