How To Write A Proposal For Music Career Sponsorship.

This article intends to assist impending artiste with seeing, how to compose a proposition for music profession sponsorship. A proposition for music vocation sponsorship is a straightforward record, you will present to people or organizations; you’d prefer to approach as expected backers for your music profession. Consequently, underneath are the components of a music vocation […]

How To Find A Sponsor For Your Music Career.

As a forthcoming artist, you will consistently be confronted with the issue of how to discover a supporter for your music profession. That is the reason I invest in compose this article, and truly trust that; it assists you with tackling this issue for the last time. Presentation Music is business, thus, you can never […]

How To Become A Successful Musician In Nigeria.

This article will deal on the core aspects of how to become a successful musician, especially here in Nigeria; and any other place in the world. Introduction. Presently, there are scores of articles online that deals with this subject matter. And here at Taculia 9Ja, we have a related article on the topic: 10 Tips […]

10 Tips To Become A Sucessful Musician In Nigeria.

The 10 tips in this article is bound to help you become a successful musician, especially in Nigeria, so relax and read with full understanding. Every upcoming musician will always face the problem of how to find success in one of the biggest thriving industry in the world. I mean the Music Industry. It is […]

What Record Labels Want From Upcoming Artiste.

This article will assist you with taking in what record labels need from upcoming artiste. Consistently by day on this stage, I understand that essentially all the forthcoming artiste contacting me, are hoping to sign a record bargain. They care less around a few measures and ways you are attempting to show them, about how […]

Factors To Consider When Composing Afro-Pop Songs

This article will help an upcoming artiste to understand the, factors to consider when composing afro-pop songs. As an upcoming artiste, your aim and target should be on how to make the kind of songs, top artiste in your genre are making. One of the measures you can take to do this is downloading both […]

Choosing A Musical Style That Will Help You Blow.

When it comes to choosing a musical style that will help you blow in the music industry, there are two factors you must consider; and they are: Originality and proven styles. Originality in music is the way of inventing a new musical style, which will help an artiste, especial an up-and-coming, to be heard over […]

7 Things You Must Do To Sign A Record Deal

This article aims to expose, the 7 things you must do as an upcoming artiste, if you want to sign a record deal. INTRODUCTION First and foremost, when you think about a record deal. Think about a group of wealthy business men, who are desperately in need of a commodity or product, to buy and […]

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