Why Upcoming Artiste Must Make Freestyle Videos.

This tutorial explains the reason why upcoming artiste must make freestyle videos. You can never become influential and have lots of followers on social media, if you are not creating and publishing contents consistently. Therefore, Freestyle videos is a less expensive content every upcoming artiste, who wants to become successful in the music industry; should […]

4 Alternatives To A Music Video.

This tutorial will reveal to you the 4 alternatives to a music video. Study reveals that, internet users engage with video contents, more than they do with other online contents. So as an upcoming musician; looking to grow your online audience, you should think of creating video materials, in order to engage more people. Usually, […]

How To Back-Up Your Studio Recording Files.

You will learn from this tutorial how to back-up your studio recording files. The art of music production takes a little bit process and stress. And for that reason Data BackUp must be done for every studio recordings. Introduction You pay big money for your studio recordings of a single, or more tracks. And happily […]

How To Win A Music Contest Or Competition.

This tutorial will teach you how to win a music contest or competition. Stage fright and anxiety are the backbone of every singing contests and competitions. Stares and concentration of judges on one side, and audience on the other; seems to be the reason why so many artistes are evicted, in music contests as soon […]

How To Make Your Songs Trend On Social Media Platforms.

This tutorial will help you learn how to make your songs trend on social media platforms. There is a whole lot of hard work and stress in the process of music making. And once the track is finally mixed and mastered, the hardest part of the work and stress must begin. And this process is […]

How To Grow Your Fanbase Using Freestyle Videos.

This tutorial will help you learn how to grow your fanbase online using freestyle videos. The online community is structured in such a way that. If you create and publish posts consistently, and few people starts to engage with them. Algorithm will organically push your posts out to reach more and more audience, whose interest […]

How To Shoot Freestyle Videos With A Smartphone.

This tutorial will help you learn how to shoot a professional freestyle video with a smartphone. Smartphones have been designed to run so many tasks. In a smartphone, you will have so many features including the following few: A mobile phone to make and receive calls. An mp3 and video player to listen to audios […]

How To Write A Professional Musician Bio.

Being great in composing music is not a guarantee that, you would also be great in writing about yourself; so this article serves to help you know how to write a professional musician bio. What Is A Musician Bio? A musician bio serves to provide music consumers (fans), with a short story about the life […]

How Musicians Make Money From Music Streaming.

This article will reveal to musicians how musicians can make money from music streaming. Introduction In 2018, the global music market was said to reached it’s fourth year of growth. It is estimated that over $19 billion dollars was generated in revenue. And music streaming alone accounted for half of that amount, overseeing almost 255 […]

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