How Press Coverage Can Blow An Upcoming Musician In Nigeria.

Press coverage is one easy way for an upcoming musician to enter the spotlight, but its rather unfortunate that 99% of upcoming musicians in Nigeria do not even know what is press coverage, safe to say use it to blow their musical career very fast. Therefore, I am going to reveal to you in this […]

Music Release Strategy For Upcoming Musicians.

On this article, I will be revealing to you the best music release Strategy for upcoming musicians. One of the worst thing a musician will attempt to do, while starting out his musical career, is trying to release an EP or album. And the simple reason is that, you are going to put yourself through […]

The Best Social Media Platforms For Musicians.

One of the mistakes made by upcoming musicians, while starting out their career, is attempting to belong to every social media platform without understanding how they work. Every social platform varies in their structures, settings and usages. And for that reason, you really need to study and understand how best to use any social media […]

How To Use Social Media To Sell Your Products And Services.

This article will focus on how you can use social media to sell your products and services, and even though you have your own personal website or blog, the truth remains that social media is a free and easy platform for selling your products and services. Understanding how social media works for entrepreneurs. Many newbie […]

How Music Collaboration Can Help You Blow As An Upcoming Artiste.

This article will assist you with seeing how music collaboration can assist you with blowing into the music business as an impending artiste. WHAT IS MUSIC COLLABORATION? Music collaboration is the interaction where at least two artiste meet up to deliver a melodic undertaking. Cooperation is quite possibly the main inventive powers that assists impending […]

10 Tips To Building A Dedicated Fanbase For Musicians.

Assuming you need to be a fruitful performer, fabricating a committed fan base ought to be your main objective. Subsequent to making extraordinary music, you’ll likewise have to zero in additional on showcasing, marking, fan communication, and parts more. Underneath subsequently are the 10 viable tips that will assist you with developing your fan base […]

How To Get Your Songs On Spotify Playlist.

This article will help you to know how to get your songs on Spotify playlist. 1. Create a Spotify for Artists account. 2. Submit your unreleased music to the Spotify Editorial team for playlist consideration. 3. Submit your song to independent curators such as Soundplate, Indiemono, and Spingrey 4. Send an email or message to the playlist curators […]

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Releasing Music As An Independent Artiste In Nigeria.

In the modern day music industry, it is very easy for musicians to release their music without looking up to any record label. Thus, independent artists in Nigeria should start thinking of breaking into the mainstream without the support of a record label. Digital music distribution, streaming platforms, social media, online marketing tools, and technology advancements […]

Why People Post On Social Media.

Pinpointing precisely why individuals post via online media is an incomprehensible exercise; notwithstanding, by seeing some critical web-based media practices, it becomes simpler to get a handle on broad inspirations for posting. A new Medium article named “The Psychology of Social Sharing” explained the various levels of posting inspirations. While the authors of this article […]

How To Take Advantage Of Online Video Challenge.

This tutorial will help an upcoming artiste to learn, how to take advantage of online video challenge. Do you know you can grow your social media presence, by simply taking advantage of any popular challenge. Video challenge is ongoing everywhere, therefore watch this tutorial to learn how you can tak advantage of any online video […]

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