Some Social Rules That May Help You.

Social rules are meant to help humans know how best to interact with each other in the society.

Beyond the norms of everyday living, even if you are religious lies a deep reckoning for human beings to make the world better, for both themselves and others.

And its impossible to deny the fact that, no matter where we are or go, it is fellow human beings we are going to end up interacting with.

And we need to have it in mind that character traits differs from human to human; based on sometimes the way we brought up, or at other times what influences our perspectives and understanding.

Yes! Because human beings will always respond to things based on how they understand them; and our understanding will always and never be the same.

And below are some of those social rules that may help you treat fellow humans the best way.

Some social rules that may help you.

  1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously, because if the phone was in their reach they would have responded. Or might be they don’t want to answer you at the moment, just exercise some patient and wait for them to see the missed call and return it. You can however call back if w hours elapse with no call back.
  2. When you borrow money or other items from people, make sure you return them in time, don’t wait until the owner starts to request for it. You never know when you will need to borrow them again.
  3. Never order expensive dishes or drinks on the menu when someone is offering you lunch or dinner or a sit out for drinks, else they may not take you out next time again.
  4. Do not ask awkward questions like ‘Oh! So you are not yet married’, ‘ or ‘so you don’t have kids’. It’s none of your business.
  5. Always stop to hold or open the door for someone coming behind you, even if they are younger, you never know if that’s the sacrifice you need to pay to meet your destiny helper or next spouse.
  6. If you take a bike, Keke, taxi, bus etc and your friend pays now, try to pay later or they may chose not to go out with you again when they realize you as being selfish.
  7. Make sure you don’t interrupt people when they are talking, there might be a lesson to learn at the end of that senseless talk.
  8. Incase you tease someone and they don’t seem to enjoy it, stop and never do it again.
  9. Praise people publicly, and if you have to criticize do it privately.
  10. Forget not to say thank you when someone helps you, your lack of appreciation might rob you of the next help.

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