With the harsh reality of unemployment facing Nigerians on a daily basis, there is no need for one o sit around and hope to secure a decent job someday, instead you should adopt a business mindset and go out there to hustle.

I know that capital is required for every business, but there are still small scale business ideas that one could start in 2022 and beyond.

What is a small scale business?

A small scale business may be described as a business that has very few employers, limited products or goods and a relatively low sale volume. This kind of business is usually owned by an individual who gets all the profits.

1. Cleaning business

2. Photography

3. Videography

4. Catering

5. Consulting

6. Real estate

7. Construction

8. Hairstyling

9. Jewelry making (crafts)

10. Tutoring, giving group or private lessons,

11. Computer training business

12. Vending machine business

13. Event planning services

14. Motivational speaking

15. Painting services

16. Fashion business (sewing, tailoring, design, clothing alterations etc)

17. Shoe business (shoe building, selling, design)

18. Food businesses: (restaurant, food truck, ice cream shop).

19. Bakery, cupcake business, cookies, birthday and wedding cake baking and decorating

20. Bar business

21. Poultry farming

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