Selection Of Upcoming Artiste For A Record Deal.

selection of artiste for a record deal on Taculia Beatz Records

There is an ongoing selection of upcoming artiste for a record deal, in an upcoming record label in Nigeria, known as, Taculia Beatz Records.


Taculia Beatz Records is a small and independent record label.

Owned and managed by a group of online entrepreneurs.

Whose sole aim is to expose upcoming artiste, until they attract a bigger record label, that will sign them.

The record label will then share a percentage of the deals income with the artiste, as both will agree and sign in the contract papers.

We therefore want all intending artiste to understand that, we are not like those big record labels, who have the funds to advance the upfront payment of an artiste.

Rather, since we are experts in online music promotion and marketing. We will use our expertise and tech-know-how. Both in the online and offline community; to package and make every artiste we are going to sign into this label stand out.

What we are trying to say is that: once you sign with us, we will automatically take on the task of managing and promoting your music career, both in the online and offline community.

With the hope that you become a superstar before the contract duration expires.

That is why you must download and carefully read our terms and agreement form. Before you ever make the decision to enrol in this deal.


This selection will require interested artiste, to obtain a serial number and password.

Which they will use to upload 2 original studio recorded tracks on the Labels Official Website.

For this reason you must note that. Demos, voice over on downloaded beats and cover songs are not going to be considered in this selection.

promote 1 song on 2 websites
Click here to promote your audio tracks with us.

The selection begins on 1st June 2020. And will last for 3 months.

We are keeping this 3 months, to enable upcoming artiste meet up, with the recording of their 2 audio tracks.


Successful artiste will meet the management one on one. For a physical signing of contract papers, at a location that will be favourable to both parties.

Follow this link to the Record Labels Official Site to learn more if you are interested.

3 thoughts on “Selection Of Upcoming Artiste For A Record Deal.”

  1. Miracle nwankwo (skuti)

    I am really impressed with this sir, I am an igbo rapper but still an upcoming artist, I need to be in touch with this record label this is my contact 08082299564

  2. Am happy to meet this great opptunity. I am an upcoming artist sir and also a song writer, I really want to go on a deal with your record label please sir.

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