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The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead.

Bette Davis.


There is no way we should expect a 24/7 smooth sail in the journey of life.

Life is all about challenges, and being able to live in those challenges is what really makes life interesting.

One thing I discovered is that, anyone in life who does not go through challenges will never be wise; because it is this challenges that helps us to learn life’s lessons and grow wiser by the day.

So many are committing suicide everyday because they are not willing to accept the challenges in life.

But then, stories of people moving from grace to grace abounds.

And you never can tell the challenges they faced before they became sucessful.

Some even moved from the prison yard to become one of the most reckoned leaders in the word.

Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria are notable example.

As a matter of fact this stories are there to give us hope that as long as they too were humans, we can become like them.

Abraham Lincoln also failed so much in his political career, but in the end became the president of America.

Living is all about challenges and if you are a living being you must be prepared to face it.

You are not in it alone because everyone is facing it. And if you were to know the challenges others are facing then you will see yours as a minor one.


Dear friend, we are never at peace until we depart this world.

From the first day you came to this world, the challenges begun; and you have come too far to back down now.

So go out there and face your life’s challenges and you will overcome them.

Else you are just a dead person, because it is only dead people who have escaped the challenges of life.

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I think that the comment about people committing suicide because they are not willing to accept life’s challenges is a bit ridiculous to say. Mental health, while may seem like a challenge, is in fact an illness that needs treatment. Would you say people dying of cancer gave up the the will to overcome this challenge? As a disabled veteran this comment really hit me in a different way. I would invite you to learn more about mental health issues and rethink your comment.

    David cancer is a different case because it is curable, people only give up when there’s no hop for medication. But imagine someone committing suicide because he is unsuccessful when the availability of making a living is a thousand times out there. David I think you should see from my own perspective too.

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