Welcome to our motivational Quote of the day for Friday April 29, 2022, and today we are going to review and explain a quote from ‘Paulo Coelho’.

Quote of the day

Impossible is just an opinion.

Paulo Coelho


Impossible – the thoughts or feelings we have that something is not going to be done, occur or even exist.

But is there anything that’s impossible in the world?

As a Christian the scripture helps us to understand that with God all things are possible.

And I believe other religion has their own teaching on this.

However, the fact remains that there are things in life that is impossible.

For instance, there is no way I can stand on earth and touch the sky.

Since we all have the knowledge that touching the sky is impossible it is not an opinion – that is, a view or judgement we form about something we have no knowledge about.

And this brings us to term with the hidden message in our quote.

I and Michael were born in the same year and come from the same place.

Michael has a nice paying job, a happy family, a house and big car.

And even though I have none of these things, if I think it is impossible for me to have them, then that is an opinion.

Because so long as Michael was able to have them, then I can too.


Dear friend, that goal you have set is never impossible, and your thinking it is, is just an opinion.

If only you have the knowledge of how you are going to achieve it, I assure you that you will, even today.

So go out there and try it out, and even if it doesn’t work out today, study why it didn’t and try again tomorrow and you will smile indeed; when you make it.


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