This YouTube tutorial is going to help you learn about organic way of getting post engagement on social media platforms.

Organic Way Of Getting Post Engagement On Social Media.

Social media algorithm is a means by which relevant posts appears on several users feed. And the more engagement a post gets, the more algorithm is likely going to reward it. Since it will be pushed out to more and more users.

Social media networks always decide which contents their users should see on their feed, based on their frequent interactions. For instance, a post from your closest family member or friend will be on the front and center of your feed.

Because those accounts are the ones you interact with the most.

In other words, social networks will review what type of posts you’ve been liking, commenting or sharing the most. And then use that review to place the same kind of post in your feed. Before the advent of algorithm.

Most of the social media networks used to display their post in a reverse chronological order.

That is, the time each of those post were published. Once a user follows am account, the newest post from the owner of that account usually shows up first.

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Last modified: April 24, 2022



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