Optimism Is The Quality More Associated With Success And Happiness Than Any Other. – Brian Tracy.

Optimism Is The Quality More Associated With Success And Happiness Than Any Other. - Brian Tracy.

In this post, we are going to explain a quote by Brian Tracy which says: “Optimism is the quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.”

Our focus on this quote is going to center more on the word ‘optimism’.

How do some people consider optimism?

To start off, many people always consider optimism to be some kind of hope; and hope amounts to high expectations of occurrences.

To some extent, hope is sometimes considered to be the ability to keep expecting, even after the expiry or deadline is gone.

That is to say, still believing that what was supposed to occur today but didn’t has been postponed; either by God or nature itself, for some other day.

Therefore, the one whose level of hope has measured up to such an amount can never give up; until he embraces that which he expected, or safe to say what he hoped for.

What is optimism?

Optimism is simply defined as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

And as we can see from the definition of optimism above, we can discover that the word ‘confidence’ is associated with it.

And confidence in all ramifications maintains that what humans are expecting is inevitable; that is to say, it will or must surely happen.

And blending this knowledge within our quote’s context, we can safely conclude that; optimism implies that anyone who is confident about his success and happiness will definitely be successful and happy.

But I personally think such confidence can only work if we have already been experiencing or going through success and happiness over and over again.

Now how about the unsuccessful and unhappy person who is looking to be successful and happy for the first time?

What is really going to give him the confidence that he will definitely be successful and happy just this one last time?



Because the fact that you have dared to try; even after a series of failures, means that you possess the confidence that is definitely going to make you successful and happy.


So my conclusion is, to gather your confidence, even if you’ve always been successful and happy or not, and pursue that plan, purpose, project, or whatever course it is that will bring you success and happiness.

And you will surely come back here to testify.

Good luck!

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