Omah Lay – Damn [Lyrics]

This is lyrics for the song Damn by Omah Lay, who is enjoying massive streams of his trending EP Get Layd on digital stores.

Omah Lay is a Port Harcourt born song writer, producer and singer.

And the song damn comes from his current EP which he titles “Get Layd”.

The EP is currently streaming over 20,000,000 times across every online digital platform. And as a result of that Omah Lay is currently the hottest 9Ja artiste online.

Follow this link to get the full EP tracks on this site.

You can also get Omah Lay’s musician bio via this link.

And check Omah lay damn lyrics below.

Omah Lay – Damn [Lyrics]


She loves me when am drunk, she loves me when am jobless.
She loves me when am wrong, even when I no need love yeah.
She loves me like damn,
Like damn damn damn.
Like damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. (2 Times)

Verse 1

No other cheap, am the one ship, everytime I try.
They nothing like we, and baby thats why.
Am done with the red flag, telling all the girls I’m on your side.
I’m telling all my boys am on your side, cutting all your lose on my side.

Bridge 1

Cos you be my nigga, you be my good.
You be my water, you be my good.
You be my river, you be my road.
You be my lover, you be my good.
Even when I waka, withy ten toes.
She carry my matter, likey dandruff.
When things scatter, she dey hang on.
When things better, she dey thank God.

Repeat Hook

Verse 2

I know my shaw, I know… my shaw.
Uh woah woah oh
I know my shaw, Ah woah ah woah ah
I know… my shaw.

Bridge 2

I know am a bad boy, I no get work.
I dey smoke cigar, I dey blow skunk.
And I know I get boys, wey dey do runs.
We dey tie jigga, and we dey shoot gun.
I know you wan help us, make we try turn.
We dey form lover, but we dey fear God.
I know father don talk, say make she just drop.
But she love me die, she no go hear word

Repeat Hook to end

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