Olamide Reveals Why He Started Producing His Own Music.

Nigerian genius Olamide Adedeji broadly known as Olamide has described how he began self-delivering when he was unable to disclose his music inclinations to his group.

The YBNL Nation record mark author revealed this in a meeting with the Grammy on the degree to which he participates in the creation of his records.

As per Olamide, he will address his maker or sketch his inclination with the goal for him to comprehend.

“‘UY Scuti‘ album was my major [foray] into Logic. I started production because sometimes I don’t know how to explain to everyone, apart from a few people, how I’m feeling,” Olamide said. “But most times, I’m not always at home. I’m out on the road and don’t have the luxury of doing the producer’s life. “So I have to always made sure I record my ideas and tell my guys to teach me one or two things. I’ll make something tiny and skeletal, just put down the idea.”

Asked about the techniques he used when producing the 2021 body of work, Olamide added:

“My producer (P.Priime) has a church background.

“He’s also a choirmaster and plays almost every instrument, from piano to bass, guitar to trumpet—you name it. “In most cases, I don’t know the right words for all the things in my head. I have good ears for music. “I didn’t join music school. I didn’t join the choir. I know nothing about that. I’m just a street dude that fell in love with music, so all I do, when I sit down, is try to explain that. This is how I’m feeling. This is what I want to hear.”

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