Official Website: Why Every Upcoming Musician Must Have One.

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With Nigeria’s population making it pass 200 million and still counting.

There is no doubt that, a wide window of opportunities has been opened for any aspiring musician in Nigeria to have at least, a million Nigerians as fans to help take their music career to great heights.

It is also worthy to note that among the 200 million+ Nigerians. At least 5 percent i.e. 10 million or more, have been estimated to be aspiring musicians.

This therefore means that, there is a high rate of competition ongoing in the Nigerian music industry.

And considering this high rate of competition, a Nigerian up-and-coming musician must ensure that he devices positive and well-meaning strategies if he really wants to stand out.

Now you and I know that everything in the world today takes their roots and shape from the internet where the social media plays the greater role. This role therefore implies that every musician must have and grow their followings in nearly every outstanding social media, but the problem is that these social medias are being owned and ran by individuals or corporate bodies who have set up policies and guidelines that restricts the musicians who signs up from having absolute control of what he wishes to post or update.

This however does not mean that social media is not effective for up-and-coming musicians because so many A-List artiste in Nigeria have been known to blow through social media, but since what works for one does not always work for all, you must find a spot that will increase your chances of blowing into the music industry, and one of those spot which is very important is owning your own official website.

So I am therefore going to take time to outline as well as explain how having your own official website can help you easily find your way into this highly competitive industry.

So below are the 7 reasons why every upcoming musician must have an official website.

*You are the sole owner of your site

Yes! You are the one who owns that slice of the cyber space.

As long as you continue to renew it, it will always point to your website.

Even if you want, you can switch your domain between various host companies and still keep it running so that your fans and the industry can always come and find you.

*You have absolute control over your site

With your own official website, no one can create any policy or guideline which can ban or suspend your account when you go against them.

You are the one who controls every experience uploaded, updated and embedded on your site.

Your site allows you to portray your true personality and showcase your brand.

With your official website, you are free from sudden changes that might get confusing to surf a site at times.

Your website makes you free from every pop up Ads and any other distractions.

No one sets any limit to what design you should have on your site, neither can anyone report what you decide to post so the site owners can take it down.

*All your works and data are safe

So long as you continue to pay and maintain your domain on whichever host company you decide, all your works and data uploaded on your site are perfectly safe.

Now the secret most of or nearly every up-and-coming musicians do not know is that any work or data you put or contribute to a 3rd party site is helping that site to create and maintain their own brand.

So imagine that 3rd party site shutting down all of a sudden, then it means all your work and data of so many years are gone in just one flash. For instance, if Facebook accidentally or intentionally shuts down its site today, every celebrity that had a million of followers will lose them all and whatever gain they were making off those fans will come to an abrupt end.

*You can sell directly to your fans

You can create a digital store on your own official website and sell your music directly to your fans, whereas if you want to sell on a 3rd party website, they will charge you a certain fee for a specified period while some might even seek a percentage share of your royalties.

*Make money from ads and sponsored posts

With your own official website, you can make so much money through paid ads and sponsored posts.

For further explanation, once your site begins to have a meaningful traffic, you can submit your statistics to individual business or corporate entities who are everywhere on the internet looking for sites to advertise their products or services.

Negotiations on this regards are always personal, which means you can give whatever price tag or different kinds of ads you choose to run on your site.

*Interact more with your fans

Imagine having a hundred thousand likes or followers on your Facebook page, but when you post an update, only very few will like it; while very few or no one dares to comment.

Only if you knew that 3rd party sites control only what they want people to see on their sign up accounts. Plus you might have a thousand fans who are not active social media users sitting there on your fans list for nothing.

But with your own official website, you can create so many fan club areas and message boards which will help you maintain a steady interaction with all your fans.

In addition to this, you can also create a mailing list which will enable you send updates via email to your fans whenever you want to.

You can therefore use your mailing list to promote your gigs, events, products or services and whatever it is you want your fans to know about.

*Your official website makes it easy for industry professionals to find you

The only place where industry professionals will go searching for an artists or band they’ve heard about and develop interest of working with is at their the reason they do this is because once they get to your site, they will be able to collect all the necessary information they want about you as well as listen to and watch all your productions gathered in one space.

Even the press will take you more seriously if they realize you own an official website.

So if you’re really serious about your music career, you must show how dedicated and professional you are by getting your own official website.

*Blogging/Press release

With your own official website, you can blog about whatever is going on in your music career or even your personal life.

You can even decide to go as far as blogging about other artiste in your genre, or those you like.

Supposing you performed in a big show alongside other big artiste, your official site will help you to create a story and upload photos about all that went down in that show.

Secondly, your site will also help you to relate to your fans and visitors your upcoming projects e.g. working on a new song in the studio, releasing a new single, EP, mixtape or album etc. The greatest advantage is that people will take it more seriously than if you gave such news on a social media handle.

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