This article will help you to understand the new era of the music industry.

The music industry is slowly approaching an era, where people will no longer be able to consume music for free.

And when this happens, upcoming artiste will have the opportunity to be making money from their music, soon as their career begins.

We are all aware of the fact that, in order to play music on a mobile phone, you need to use an inbuilt or downloaded music player. But when iPhone came through, it restricted it’s users from playing music with a free music player.

This, in order to play music on iPhone, a streaming app has to be used. That is, Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal etc. Or you transfer any song you want to play to iTunes and sync it to your phone. Even Audiomack that is currently allowing it’s users to stream music for free will one day stop doing so.

With the above example therefore, I believe there will come a time, when Android phone manufacturers will also optimize Android phones for music apps alone like iPhone.

What am trying to say here is that, soon people will no longer be able to play music on Android phones with a free music player.

Unless they use a streaming app. And when this level is attained, streaming stores subscribers will increase extensively.

And everyone who listens to music, be it from upcoming artiste or superstars, will have to pay a percentage of his or her subscription fees to the artiste.

This then implies that, upcoming artiste will start to make money from their music anytime it goes digital. Therefore, every upcoming artiste should be aware of this reality and start thinking about how to get their songs into streaming stores.

As well as look for ways and means to strategize on how to get the streams that will help them make so much money and become successful in the music industry.

If you want to know how to get your music into streaming stores, and moreover, get streams that will help you make so much money.

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Last modified: April 27, 2022



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