Welcome to our motivational Quote of the day for Thursday September 23 2021, and today we are going to review and explain a quote from ‘Vanshika Parma & Esha Yadav’.

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Life gives you, Moment of happiness and sadness. Life gives you, A lot of memories. Life is a beautiful gift, just flow with it like a drift. Grab every opportunity, like a strong community.

Vanshika Parmar & Esha Yadav.


Today we are going to look at those two things that life must offer us humans on a daily basis.

Happiness and sadness; two opposing words, the former gives energy, a very positive one, while the latter diffuses every energy and sometimes even leave us with not even a negative one.

Zero, break down! I mean, sadness; no human ever wants it to come near them; but still it does.

On the other hand, all humans are out there pursuing happiness, with all costs. Soon they grab it, but sadness is always around the corner because both of them, I mean; happiness and sadness, walks hand in hand.

Even if you are always happy every other day of your life, remember the fact that someday you will have to depart this life, and; oh what a day of sadness!

Your loved ones are crying everywhere, friends are murmuring: oh my! Mr A is gone to return no more.

Now even though you are not physically present to witness the sadness that accompanies your departure; still your life has finally been wrapped up in sadness.

Now according to our quote writer, whatever happiness and sadness life brings to us, it is certain that it will always leave us with a lot of memories. And these memories are what makes life so beautiful.

And since memory is the tendency to recall past events, and make them play back for the moment.

Whenever sadness presents itself, why not recall those times of happiness to diffuse the sad moments.

And then look on to the beautiful side of life and flow with it.

Always be on the alert to grab every opportunity life presents to you, I mean those beautiful opportunities. And as you do, save them up in your memory, so that whenever that sadness presents itself you might use happiness to expel it and forever be happy.


Some think that happiness and sadness is a choice, but I don’t think so because; there will always come a time when both of them will leave you with no option to choose.

Therefore, to me; happiness and sadness are inevitable in life, and if we always learn to be happy at all times, even in the face of sadness, then the world will indeed remain a beautiful place for us all.



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