Welcome to our motivational Quote of the day for Saturday September 25 2021, and today we are going to review and explain a quote from ‘Dalai Lama.

Quote of the day

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama.


Are there human actions that really brings happiness?

I mean can happiness really come from your own actions?

Because I always thought that events or happenings are what produces happiness!

But if we accept that then, it means; we must always wait for those things that will bring happiness our way to happen.

And that will make happiness readymade; that is already waiting with arms open to embrace us.

Now if happiness really comes from our actions, then it means we posses the tendency to remain happy, even in the face of sadness.

And that in every sense of the word makes happiness the result of our actions.

Which means, the ability, the power, the tendency, and whichever other the, is within your reach to generate those actions that will keep you happy at all times.

Imagine someone coming up to slap you hard on the face, and instead of your slapping him back or complaining; you start laughing and playfully telling him how his slap is painfully (and it really is).

Bet me and see if the person will not feel disappointed and walk away sorrowfully, while you maintain your happiness, just like that.


Dear friend, make up your mind to put everyone down today who feels they can give you a bad day through their actions by acting the opposite of what they expect, and maintaining your happiness throughout the day.

You must be happy today.


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